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EverDream launching RTS web game – WarFlow

Posted by Gamer On April - 20 - 2011


EverDream Studio, known as the developer/publisher of browser-based RPG Dragon’s Call, announced that their second browser game WarFlow is now released. The game is a browser based city building and real time strategy game based on an ancient land. Besides the magnificent architecture, the variable combinations of glorious troops, the meticulous economic and item refining system, and a whole long-lasting ancient culture background, are all lying underneath the surface awaiting players to explore. Read the rest of this entry »

Create Your Own Star Trek Missions

Posted by Evergrey On April - 4 - 2011


A new feature just got released by Cryptic for Star Trek Online. An editor named the Foundry will let you create a Star Trek universe of your own. It’s a powerful set of design tools with which you can build your own star systems, write dialogue and create cutscenes. Read the rest of this entry »



Since its release on earlier this year, the RTS browser game WarFlow with its unique features, especially the battle system including PvC battles and PvP battles, has quickly gained popularity among players. Read the rest of this entry »

God of War Going Online Multiplayer?

Posted by Evergrey On March - 30 - 2011


Single-player-only games are an increasingly rare breed, with only a few marquee series lacking a multiplayer component.Now Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Santa Monica Studio, developer of the God of War series, is HIRING a senior online programmer. Read the rest of this entry »

EverDream to Release Second Browser Game Soon

Posted by Gamer On March - 29 - 2011


EverDream Studio, known by its first fantasy themed browser based MMORPG – Dragon’s Call, has announced a scheduled plan about releasing their second product next month. A few new artworks were leaked. Read the rest of this entry »

WarFlow has its 9 servers released in 2 months

Posted by Gamer On March - 10 - 2011


WarFlow, 2011’s most popular real time strategy war game, had its ninth server “Luisdgar“ released on March. 7th, which was eight weeks right after the game had been announced by DOVOGAME Team to be coming out in early January. Read the rest of this entry »

Crysis 2 Passes on the EA Online Pass

Posted by Evergrey On March - 2 - 2011


EA’s Online Pass system could change their slogan “It’s In the Game” to “It’s In the Game (if you bought it new).” It forces used game buyers to pay for a new activation code so that they can access all the online games modes and additional content. Read the rest of this entry »

Four Advantages of WarFlow the Novel RTS Game

Posted by Gamer On March - 1 - 2011


WarFlow, developed by Dovogame, comes across as being the most popular Real-time War Strategy game of 2011. The comments on Facebook and the professional game networks indicate its incredible appeal for RTS gamers. Its four advantages should explain how WarFlow stands out from all of the other war games. Read the rest of this entry »

Browser based MMORPG “Zombie Pandemic” launched

Posted by Gamer On February - 23 - 2011


Zombie Pandemic is a browser based survival horror game which is free to play. You are a survivor in a quarantined city crawling with zombies. Will you make it to own safehouse? Will you venture out trying to make it on your own or start a clan and co other players to secure territory? Read the rest of this entry »

Tera Online – Presenting Orcans

Posted by Evergrey On February - 14 - 2011


En Masse Entertainment has revealed their newest addition to the Arborea’s races, Orcans. Those are one of the most aggressive species that can be found in the world of Tera. Read the rest of this entry »