Robin Hood, Kage Ninja and Crazy Sapper are the newest heroes in OGPlanet’s Lost Saga, and with an array of unique strengths and abilities, they’ll be holding their own against the rest of the historical and fantastical characters in the all-out brawler.

Everyone’s favourite well-intentioned thief, Robin Hood, isn’t the hardest hitter in Lost Saga, but what he lacks in brawn he makes up for in agility. Robin Hood will keep opponents guessing with quick manoeuvring and lightning-fast bow-and-arrow attacks. In a small battle, or one with plenty of space to dart around, Robin Hood is an excellent choice.

Double jumps and a whirlwind attack are among the tools in the Kage Ninja’s arsenal. Ninja stars and the ability to disappear and sneak up behind enemies make the Kage Ninja a formidable opponent. Players facing a Kage Ninja need to beware when they are near an edge or cliff side, because it’s then he’s at his most deadly.

Players who love making a big impact will be drawn to the Crazy Sapper. Armed with great knowledge of bombs and explosives, the Crazy Sapper can turn the battlefield into a minefield. In a large-scale battle against multiple opponents, the Crazy Sapper and his explosive arsenal are an invaluable asset.

Lost Saga players can test out their new heroes on the brand-new Wild West map, a battleground loaded with rail road tracks, taverns and cliffs. Shiny new Future Gear, upgraded weapons and accessories, and newly customizable options including facial expressions and hairstyles are also available beginning this week.

Here is a info about some characters:
1. kage ninja
081216 001 152
081216 002 152
1. tornado slash: slash an enemy three times, spinning
2. throwing star: throw a throwing star
3. magical trick: teleport forward
4. capture: pull an enemy with muffler

2.viking sven
081216 001 151
081216 002 151
1. dancing axe: attack twice with an axe, spinning
2. body check: bumb an enemy with the shoulder to make him faint
3. cow fork: thrust an enemy with own helmet to fly him away backward
4. back-guard: push an enemy when being attacked backward

081216 002
081216 003
1. head shot: fire powerful bullet
2. cannon: install a cannon
3. eagle eye: enlarge own sight(passive)
4. hand-to-hand: thrust an enemy with a sword, and kick him

4.wild boxer
081209 001 147
081209 002 147
1. nuclear punch: give a powerful blow to an enemy to float him high upward
2. infighting: give an upper cut in surprise approach
3. forward-step: step forward rapidly, lowering own body
4. champion: make an item drop with champion force

5.captain hook
080819 002
080819 001
1. boisterous dance of bombs: drop five bombs out at once
2. pirate’s bomb: make a powerful huge bomb
3. shout of feer: shout to make enemies drop their items
4. quick step: increase own speed

6.cyber medic
080819 003
080819 004
1. healing: heal own team member’s HP by degrees
2. weightlessness: make enemies be in the state of weightlessness around to float them upward
3. aura disappearance: make an enemy’s deathblow skill gauge disappeared
4. low speed flight: fly slowly; altitude rise A

7.western gunman
080819 008
080819 007
1. tree times barrage: shot three times in rapid succession
2. rapid barrage: fire in surprise with an hiden gun
3. backstep: pull own body back rapidly
4. capture: capture an enemy with a rope

8.shadow assassin
080819 020
080819 021
1. assassination: make a surprise raid to get enemies faint
2. hiding: make own body invisible for a while
3. throwing satkat: throw satkat to attack
4. poisoning liquor: spout poisoned liquor to poison an enemy

9.blue dragon gwan-woo
080819 022
080819 023
1. boisterous dance[????]: swing a spear to sweep out around
2. reversal of heaven and earth[????]: strike earth to fly the ground to the sky
3. aura blow: get aura together to shot a blow of the aura
4. training of skill books: restore skill gauge rapidly

10.robin hood
080819 013
080819 014
1. multi-shot: shot five arrows at once
2. somersault[flip]: one more jump on the air after jump to the air
3. kick in the shape of half-moon: kick an enemy upward
4. throwing arrows: throw nine arrows at once

11.space soldier
080819 025
080819 024
1. beam canon: get energies together to shot a beam
2. electric shock: let electric energies out to get enemies shocked
3. return: return an enemy to start position
4. flight in low speed: fly slowly; altitude rise A

12. iron knight
080819 005
080819 006
1. slashes in three times: slash enemies three times
2. sign of protection: push an enemy when bieng attacked
3. butting: butt an enemy with own helmet to make him faint
4. aura of rapidity: increase own team members’ speed around

13. fire mage
080819 009
080819 010
1. meteor: throw meteors down from the sky
2. flame wave: shot fire balls to six directions
3. teleport: teleport to where a magic circle is
4. flame resistance: make enemies fire magic invalid

14. savage berserker
080819 012
080819 011
1. spliting the earth: give a powerfull blow down with a sword to shot an aura of the sword
2. enlargement: enlarge a body
3. rush: rush on to an enemy to fly the enemy away
4. horn: blow a horn to sturn enemies

15. crazy miner
080819 016
080819 015
1. special mine: install a mine that can’t be defended
2. mine resistance: make a mine attack invalid. passive
3. overcoating: run an overcoating that defends every attack
4. nuclear bomb: ask a nuclear bomb to drop down

16. victory defender
080819 026
080819 027
1. tornado: spin a shield to attack
2. protection: make every attacks invalid for a while
3. glittering of eyes: let eyes beam to attack enemies
4. flight in high speed: fly very rapidly; altitude rise A

17. ice mage
080819 017
080819 019
1. blizzard: throw ices down to freeze enemies
2. cold-air explosion: explode cold-air to blow away
3. ice shield: protect a body in the power of cold-air
4. ice resistance: make an enemy’s ice magic invalid

18. army infantry
080819 029
080819 028
1. firing at random: fire a rifle forward
2. hand granade: throw a hand granade
3. assault: don’t know what it is for
4. building a position: install a battery that blocks enemy’s attacks

For more info visit: http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com

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