PSJailbreak wins over Sony and Sony has to pay

Posted by Gamer On December - 15 - 2010


In Spain, Sony imposed precautionary measures in any store that sold or promoted any PSJailbreak product, but the legal action was counterproductive because Sony was sued by the same stores and lost the case, making a precedent in that country, because it made any PSJailbreak product legal for its sale and advertising, and thats not all, Sony has to pay every legal cost to all of the stores that was perjudicated.

According to court No 8 Mercantil de Barcelona, on 07 December two thousand and ten, was officially PS legalization of Jailbreak in any store in Spain, too, that Sony will have to pay all the costs to the stores selling this product.

With the departure of PSJailbreak, Sony tried everything possible to prevent the sale in Spain of products that create the bootable Playstation 3 video games downloaded over the Internet or using backups for loading the games, following complaints produced by Sony, shops that were affected did not hesitate to attack Sony resorting to lawsuits.

As a conclusion all the devices that were previously illegal and can upload copies of video games has been legal in Spain.

Sony lost a very important trial for them, to combat piracy, now they must pay the damages that have occurred precautionary measures to shops hurt by Sony’s legal action.

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