WitchMe – New virtual world game from Purisoft

Posted by Gamer On July - 8 - 2011


Purisoft launched beta version of WitchMe on June 30th, a magically social world where kids can learn magic, play games, and make friends. It features a uniquely interactive world, magical abilities, a charming and unique artistic touch, multiplayer minigame systems, and “sticker-based” safe socializing. The game’s focus is on improving the fun and gaming aspects of kids virtual worlds while maintaining a safe, kid-appropriate environment.

“We wanted to create a place for kids that was friendly and fun, where they could socialize and cooperate in games, where kids felt empowered and could let their imaginations materialize. What we didn’t want to do was try to push something adult like Second Life or Facebook onto kids. And that’s where we found a happy medium in WitchMe, where magic makes things happen.”

The world of WitchMe has various features tied together under the concept of magic. Kids can use magic to fix bridges or make flowers grow, fight off monsters, transform into super heroes or idol pop stars, and much more. It is focused on easily accessible fun and will encourage cooperative play via multiplayer minigames, cooperative events, and buddy benefits.


WitchMe is committed to offering a safe environment for kids. As such, there is no explicit or violent content and it uses various levels of safe chatting, filtering, and moderating. The visual-based social system, launching in September, is also designed to be safe and let kids socialize in a way that is fun and hassle free. This system opens a path to more social and friend-based gaming and creativity in the future.

The grand opening is planned for September and will include new features such as magic transformation, team battle zones, and an expanded world to explore. Many more features and events are planned for the near future. Unlike other kid virtual worlds, WitchMe intends to be a “no membership” game with all content open to everyone, but virtual currency can be purchased to expedite playtime or purchase unique, special items.

To play this game, visit http://witchme.com

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