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A dragon destroys the world, and your hero will judge them. Even more cliche goes, even in a little role-playing. WoW starts with the seemingly stereotypical scenario in the third enlargement – and it is exciting.

On the question of how it go ahead with World ofWarcraft how long it will run, WoW game designer Tom Chilton said in star-game interview: “Certainly not” four to five years. Its goal to bring an annual extension have the California developer World of Warcraft: Cataclysm missed again.

But now the wait is over, Cataclysm is ready. After four months of beta, we take stock. Blizzard has completely revamped the old Azeroth. The Ur-WoW , The orphaned Level-1-to-60 area, which was more than sporadically beneath which be hectic level alts (secondary characters) is no more.

For years, calls for the WoW community a fundamental revision of the old areas and quests. Here we go: About 3,500 new quests have included the designers, more than in the previous two expansions together! This will encourage many dropouts to re-activate their account.


The Revenge of the Dragon

Blame for all this is the aforementioned dragon. Deathwing, former guardian of the earth is bad even for a few ten thousand years on it. That’s it to him and he breaks out of his underground home, burn the land above it. Since Azeroth has something like this: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis are gnawing at the earth’s crust. The result is a gaping wounds in almost every game zone.

Sun World of Warcraft, even for veterans (almost) a completely new game. Since there are very boring former territories like Azshara, the light of Cataclysm is a true quest fireworks, now the way to level 10 to 20 characters. Other areas were divided into two, as the Barrens and the Vale. Still others, like the Eastern Plaguelands, were barely changed visually, but offer a lot of new jobs. Basically, the way the characters through Azeroth was straightened and lined with an unusually well diversified jobs. It is a stone giant to get to fart, with BGG (bottom-face-grenade) giants just to make between the ears, or to collect mini-raptors, with Mama “guinea Nine” (an allusion to the recent and upcoming trials, WoW to compete) zoom off to distant worlds, because they were too stupid to Azeroth. So exciting, funny and sometimes self-deprecating as in Cataclysm WoW was before.


For Veterans

What is your level 80 character has it? He can now fly anywhere on Azeroth. And also looking forward to new game content. In five areas, adult hero questing for the new maximum level 85th There are “normal” scenery like Hyjal, shadow highlands or the Egyptian-inspired Uldum. And there are deep and Vashj’ir home.

Deep home is a huge, visually extremely impressive cave, the resting place Deathwing before it starts. Vashj’ir however, is the first real underwater zone in World of Warcraft. Amazingly, it quester just here – to stay in the element – very smooth. In general Blizzard has given a lot of trouble with the orders. Particularly outstanding are the new boss battles: at the end of many quests players compete against extremely powerful adversaries. The trick here is that they receive valuable support from special items or NPCs. This gives a sense of achievement in lone tricky task – a real step forward. However, the bosses require tactics as in the dungeon or raid game for many new single-player or at least used to.


For Dungeon-Explorers

So shall inexperienced players are introduced to the challenges in the final. For food for high level characters, there’s also a lot in Cataclysm. In seven new dungeons to fight for rare pieces of equipment. Each instance can be played with a level 85 in the particularly difficult heroic version. Then there are the former entry-level instances “Deadmines” and “Shadowfang Keep”, which are now also available in a crisp, heroic version. Praiseworthy is the way that Blizzard has screwed here the difficulty for the less demanding dungeons of the last enlargement to the top.

The same applies to the first available with the official launch three raid dungeons. They are smaller than, for instance Naxxramas, should be an evening of play and are full of interesting bosses. Is terrific as the fight against the dragon Atramedes, the first truly blind boss. Click to play a prominent role in noise and a “sound bar” that has each player playing the decisive element in this fight. All raids will be available in 10 – or 25-player mode playable, with the bosses in Cataclysm make no difference in the quality of the items they leave behind a group of 10 or 25, as prey.


For Guild Players

Each guild is now rising on the actions of their members. New levels, maximum 25, turn activate the so-called Guild Perks, the passive bonuses, such as more experience per task dissolved or reduced repair costs as well as exciting spell for the active guild members. With this example, you can summon party members to your location or contribute to death in an instance of collective resurrection spell on everyone.

Rewards such as mounts, and special recipes. The same also sells a new guild dealer who also offers account-bound items for sale.


For Beginners

Besides the new content Blizzard brings the old world two new races into the game. On the Horde fight the technically savvy, greedy goblins. Alliance fans look forward to the Worgen, an atypical alliance shady people of werewolf-like people.

Prominent here are mainly the starting areas. The quest line in Gilneas, which examines the history of the Worgen is exciting, the atmosphere terrific. The goblins who flee Kezan, its capital city built on a volcano, every WoW player who once controlled. In sharp contrast to the archeology, the new profession. He is also to learn from each character. And takes more time than anyone else. Archeologists dig all over the world in order to find a handful of relics, of which 30 revealed to 150 of the same kind of an object. This is worthless in many cases. There is at least room for the next patch improvements. After all, is to run World of Warcraft is still a few years. With the Cataclysm, many former WoW players will be there. They will not be disappointed.

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