Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update adds some improvements

Posted by Gamer On October - 11 - 2010


Microsoft has announced more information about the Fall Dashboard Update for the Xbox 360 home gaming consoles, saying that it plans to improve several sections of the user experience in addition to adding new services for all gamers who own the Microsoft platform.

Here are the small things which the update will change:

– better voice quality, with the audio codec used by the Xbox 360 update to make Xbox Live party chat a better experience than ever;
– easier choices for changing a Gamertag, with the Avatar the player is using checking to see whether the newly chosen Gamertag is already taken by someone and then spinning a wheel which leads to five other related choices being offered;
– streamlined virtual keyboard, allowing users to input text quicker, especially when repeated entries are needed;
– the Xbox Live Marketplace user interface has also been improved, with less steps than ever required to access a game on it and then buy and download it;
– better proportions for Avatars, allowing them to be used in the upcoming titles created for the Kinect motion tracking system;
– better browsing experience for Xbox 360 complete games;
– easier access to the wireless networks, with a new lists of networks in range that then leads to the networks settings tab;
– a new ability to sing out other controllers in the sign in user interface tab.

These smaller changes come in addition to streaming video options for ESPN 3, search options for Netflix and changes to the Zune Marketplace service.

Microsoft has not said exactly when the changes to the Xbox 360 will arrive but a beta stage is planned and Microsoft will likely make some changes based on feedback from users.

On November 4 the Xbox 360 is also getting the new Kinect motion tracking system, with one of the most exciting abilities being the Minority Report control for the interface.

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