40 Million Xbox 360 Consoles Sold Worldwide

by Gamer
1 minutes read

Xbox 360 system sales surpassed 40 million sold worldwide for Microsofts current-gen console; the company confirmed to IGN.

This confirmation follows on the heels of Microsofts latest financial sales results for the third-quarter ending March 2010. Where they saw the Xbox division of the company generate $1.67 billion in revenue, a 2% increase compared to the same quarter last year.

In that time period the publisher sold only 1.5 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide, which is a pretty substantial 12% decrease from the holiday quarter last year.

Thus, Microsoft is banking on this holidays big new Xbox 360 device, the Project Natal motion-detection camera, to increase sales momentum for the platform for the coming holiday season.

Although there are also rumors that a slimline Xbox 360 may be announced at E3 2010, which could also help sales of the platform.

Source: IGN

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