4STORY – Revealing the Holes Event

by Gamer
1 minutes read

4Story‘s Revealing the Holes Event is the 2nd part of the Story Event which will take place during the month of October, continuing on from the 1st Story Event – Awakening of the Demons.

Revealing the Holes starts off like this: “The black demon spies, unveiled, but secrets have been gathered. Our defenses have been exposed! Men! Ready your arms! The monsters of Iveria are planning an all-out attack on our lands! The demons have discovered hidden passageways to our lands! Gather our people into our towns and defend our cities! Hoards of demons are about to attack!”

Just like the story above explains, monsters will be spawned in to the starting zones of Defugel and Craxion and the capitals of each faction. These invading monsters will be spawned at a certain times in certain numbers for couple days. Party up with your companions and try to defend off the monsters from conquering the world of Iveria. Now is the time for a hero to rise and take this event in his/her own hands. Clash with fate and join the event to defeat the evil monsters.

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