Diablo III Gets Demon Hunter Class

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Diablo III, one of the most anticipated role playing games in recent years, has just received its fifth and latest character class in the form of the Demon Hunter.

Diablo III will be the next generation iteration in the very successful Diablo role playing franchise, and was officially confirmed back in 2008.

Since then, we saw four character classes revealed, in the form of the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, the Wizard and the Monk, as well as different features like the artisan non playable characters, which will craft different things for the player.

Now, the fifth and last class has been revealed at BlizzCon this past weekend: the Demon Hunter.

Basically, the Demon Hunter will fill in the role played by the Rogue in the original Diablo and the Amazon and Assassin from Diablo II and its expansion, Lord of Destruction.

The main features of the class include dual wielding crossbows, throwing knives, grenades and bows, all of which hint at the big focus on projectile weapons for this character class.

Unlike the Barbarian however, the Demon Hunter will be able to combine its weapons with magic spells, that will further augment the power of the projectiles and add different bonuses to its attacks.

Among the spells included for the new Diablo III class we have the Fan of Knives, the Molten Arrow, the Grenade, the Bola and the Entangling Shot.

Blizzard, following tradition, released a cinematic trailer detailing the class, showing how it appeals to those that aren’t too fond of going right into combat, like Barbarian, nor on relying only on magic, like the Wizard.

As revealed earlier today, Diablo III will be getting a beta stage, which might be offered to all players around the world, like the one done for StarCraft II earlier this year.

Even if all of the character classes were revealed for Diablo III and that the game is halfway done, Blizzard, its developer and publisher, still hasn’t revealed a concrete release date, so fans still need to wait for quite some time until the company is confident enough to set a date.

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