Dragon’s Call – Crazy Alternative Accounts Make the Official Lost 2000 USD

by Gamer
1 minutes read

Dragon’s Call, a brand new browser MMORPG with stunning graphics in which you can use various weapons, skills and magical abilities, developed by Aiyou Network Technology, has been attracting large numbers of gamers, and thus it was rolled out Chinese, English, Russian and Arabic versions.

It is said that its English version get caught in a big issue these days. On Server time April 23th, the chat system in nine servers of Dragon’s Call did not work well and almost went to blank. In order to comfort the players, after the bug was fixed, the official sent out compensation package, of each one is approximately 10 USD.

However, GM received report quickly, saying that some players make alternative accounts to get the compensation package, of which includes Energy Crystal, that could be used to win in game items, and then transfer all to one account. Under merely one IP, there are more than 90 alternative accounts. That suddenly aroused chaos in the game, and an increasing number of players followed.

As such an emergency, the official adopted an instant and effective measure – ban the IP, which successfully interrupted evil attempts, preventing the game from further losses. Also, it teaches the official a big lesson—to take precautions against such kind of destructive destroy to the game balance.

If players are interested in Dragon’s Call, here are the links:
Official Website: http://dc.gamedp.com/index/
Official Forum: http://forum.gamedp.com

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