Dragon’s call server 6 & server 7 launching soon

by Gamer
1 minutes read

EverDream Studio is announcing pretty many movements this month, including their launch plans for the new servers. Do not stare at the image for this news, it doesn’t relate to this topic much, although it is one of the secret character images of Dragon’s Call. And the enchanting look does draw people to wipe it, just like every time when new players skip the old ones and head into a newly launched game or server, they want to wipe up their old game memories and get a new fresh start.

Dragon’s Call might fit the appetite of those players, who are looking for something new. The game is a fantasy themed browser game with exclusive features, such as the chessboard-alike Instance maps, Skycity Arena with different combination group fights and the Guild War where players have chances to ride on dragons when entering. Furthermore, three gambling systems in Dragon’s Call – Divining, Magic Formation and Crystal Origin are somehow enticing for those interested in trying their luck.

Web game fans may keep an eye on it now, since two new servers (Server 6 & Server 7) are going to launch respectively on EST 23:00 Thursday, April 14, 2011 and EST 5:00 Thursday, April 28, 2011.

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