688(I) Hunter/Killer (1997)

by Christopher
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A landmark in military simulation, 688(I) Hunter/Killer delivers an unparalleled submarine command experience, capturing the intricacies of modern naval warfare with unmatched realism.


Released in 1997, 688(I) Hunter/Killer revolutionized submarine simulations with its intricate gameplay mechanics and authentic naval warfare experience.


The game thrusts players into the role of a submarine commander, tasked with executing a variety of missions that range from reconnaissance to direct combat. Players must utilize the game’s comprehensive simulation of sonar, navigation, and weaponry to outmaneuver and engage enemy forces.


While the game focuses on the player’s role as a submarine commander, the real ‘characters’ are the accurately modeled submarines, surface ships, and aircraft the player encounters, each with their unique capabilities and behaviors.


Gameplay in 688(I) Hunter/Killer is complex and rewarding, offering a mix of strategic planning and real-time tactical decision-making. Players engage in various missions, utilizing an array of sonar techniques and weaponry to achieve objectives, all while managing the intricate systems of a nuclear submarine.


688(I) Hunter/Killer remains a benchmark in submarine simulation games, celebrated for its technical accuracy and immersive gameplay. Despite its challenges, it offers a rewarding experience for those interested in naval warfare and submarine operations.

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