A House of Many Doors (2017)

by Ji-yeong
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A House of Many Doors: A Journey Through the Infinite

In the realm of video games, where sprawling landscapes and epic narratives often dominate, there exists a hidden gem that invites players on a journey unlike any other. A House of Many Doors (2017) is an indie RPG that defies categorization, blending elements of exploration, poetry, and mystery to create a truly unforgettable experience.

A House of Infinite Possibilities

The game’s setting is as enigmatic as it is vast. Players find themselves within the titular House, a parasite dimension that exists in the void between infinite worlds. This House is a labyrinth of doors, each leading to a different realm or civilization. As an explorer, poet, and spy, the player’s task is to traverse and map the House, uncovering its secrets and discovering its inhabitants.

A Train on Mechanical Legs

Exploration in A House of Many Doors is a unique and captivating experience. The player travels aboard a train that scuttles on mechanical legs, traversing the House’s ever-shifting landscapes. Along the way, they encounter bizarre and wonderful civilizations, each with its own customs and stories.

Befriending a Crew of Outsiders

As the player journeys deeper into the House, they will encounter a diverse cast of characters who join their crew. There’s Olive, the train’s engineer with a mysterious past; Jack, a charming thief with a knack for getting into trouble; and Anya, a brilliant scientist who seeks knowledge above all else. Together, this unlikely group forms a bond that helps them navigate the House’s perils and uncover its secrets.

Procedurally-Generated Poetry

One of the most striking features of A House of Many Doors is its use of procedurally-generated poetry. Throughout the game, players can interact with a machine called the Poet, which generates unique poems based on their in-game experiences. These poems provide a lyrical and introspective lens through which to view the House and its inhabitants, adding depth and emotional resonance to the player’s journey.

Clinging to Life and Sanity

Traversing the House is not without its dangers. The player must contend with hostile creatures, navigate treacherous landscapes, and confront the ever-present threat of madness. Sanity is a precious resource in A House of Many Doors, and players must carefully manage their mental health to avoid succumbing to the House’s insidious influence.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

At its core, A House of Many Doors is a journey of self-discovery. As the player explores the House, they learn more about themselves and their place in the universe. The game raises profound questions about identity, purpose, and the nature of reality, inviting players to reflect on their own existence and the choices they make.

A Masterpiece of Indie Game Design

A House of Many Doors is a testament to the power and creativity of indie game development. With its unique blend of exploration, poetry, and mystery, the game creates an immersive and thought-provoking experience that will stay with players long after they finish playing. It is a masterpiece of indie game design, and a must-play for anyone seeking a truly unforgettable gaming journey.

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