A Mass of Dead (2015)

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A Mass of Dead: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

In the year 20XX, a zombie virus has run rampant across the globe. Cities have been overrun, and the dead walk the earth. In this chaos, one woman emerges as a beacon of hope: Sara, a special agent tasked with finding a vaccine to stop the virus.

A Mass of Dead is a third-person action RPG that puts you in the shoes of Sara as she fights her way through hordes of zombies in search of a cure. Along the way, you’ll scavenge for weapons and supplies, upgrade your skills, and battle powerful bosses.


A Mass of Dead is a fast-paced, action-packed RPG that combines elements of survival horror, third-person shooting, and RPG character development. Players control Sara as she explores a variety of environments, from abandoned cities to overrun hospitals, in search of supplies and survivors.

Combat is a key part of A Mass of Dead, and Sara has a variety of weapons at her disposal, including guns, melee weapons, and explosives. Players can also use their environment to their advantage, such as by using objects to block zombies or by setting traps.

In addition to combat, players must also manage their resources carefully. Food, water, and ammunition are all scarce, and players must scavenge for supplies or risk running out. Players can also find or purchase upgrades for their weapons and equipment, which can give them an edge in combat.


Sara is the main playable character in A Mass of Dead. She is a special agent who is immune to the zombie virus. She is determined to find a cure for the virus and save humanity.

In addition to Sara, there are a number of other characters that players will encounter throughout the game. These characters can provide Sara with information, supplies, or assistance in combat.


A Mass of Dead is set in a near-future world that has been ravaged by a zombie virus. The game’s environments are dark, gritty, and dangerous. Players will explore a variety of locations, including abandoned cities, overrun hospitals, and military bases.


The story of A Mass of Dead follows Sara as she searches for a cure for the zombie virus. Along the way, she will encounter a variety of challenges, including hordes of zombies, powerful bosses, and her own inner demons.


A Mass of Dead received positive reviews from critics upon its release. The game was praised for its fast-paced combat, RPG elements, and dark, gritty atmosphere. However, some critics found the game to be too repetitive and grindy.


A Mass of Dead is a solid action RPG that offers a unique take on the zombie apocalypse genre. The game’s fast-paced combat, RPG elements, and dark, gritty atmosphere make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Tips for Survival

Here are a few tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse in A Mass of Dead:

  • Scavenge for supplies: Food, water, and ammunition are all scarce, so be sure to scavenge for supplies whenever you can.
  • Upgrade your weapons and equipment: Upgrading your weapons and equipment will give you an edge in combat.
  • Use your environment to your advantage: Use objects to block zombies or set traps to take them down.
  • Don’t be afraid to run away: If you’re overwhelmed by zombies, don’t be afraid to run away and regroup.
  • Stay positive: The zombie apocalypse is a tough time, but it’s important to stay positive and keep fighting.

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