AirMech (2018)

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With its fast-paced gameplay, strategic depth, and versatile mech units, AirMech offers an engaging experience for fans of strategy and action games. The game challenges players to think tactically and act swiftly, making every match a thrilling encounter.


AirMech introduces an innovative blend of RTS and action gameplay mechanics, set in a post-apocalyptic future where players control powerful mechs to fight for control of the battlefield.


AirMech is set in a distant future in a post-apocalyptic war wasteland. Very few people survived, and now giant Mechs and their pilots are fighting for control in an attempt to restore peace to the world before it is too late.

The game revolves around the player controlling their AirMech directly and then building units to assist in achieving whatever the goal of the game mode is. The player can build units and pick them up and can place them down on the battlefield to take part in the battle.

The main objective of the game is to destroy the other team’s fortress and/or keep the player’s fortress running. The fortress spawns creeps which are infantry units that can capture outposts. Outposts are buildings that can heal AirMechs and units if they are picked up.

Players can unlock units, pilots, and AirMechs with in-game currency called kudos, which are earned after each match is completed. The player can unlock various units as their level increases. Unit types include infantry, tanks, some light cars, stationary units (for defense or economy), healing units, and traps.

Players have one resource to manage, which is known as credits. Credits are generated by the fortress and every outpost the player owns. Different units require a certain amount of credits to be built. Players can also build special units called money makers to generate more credits.

The player has an upkeep cap of around 30, although some units take up more of these slots than others. This number can be increased by capturing outposts as well as by building units known as generators.

A player can choose between nine different AirMechs and various pilots, items, and parts. Each AirMech has different abilities and stats. Pilots, items, and parts provide a mixture of large stat boosts to AirMechs and units at the cost of significant downsides. Some pilots also affect credit generation and the unit cap. Items provide tiny stat boosts that do not affect gameplay significantly.


While AirMech doesn’t focus on characters in a traditional narrative sense, it features a variety of AirMechs, each with unique abilities and transformations. Players customize their loadouts with different units and pilots to suit their play style.


Gameplay in AirMech emphasizes strategy and quick decision-making, with players managing resources, deploying units, and directly controlling their AirMechs in battle. The game supports various modes, including solo, co-op, and competitive multiplayer.


AirMech represents a fresh take on the RTS genre, offering a compelling mix of action and strategic gameplay. Its engaging mechanics and online playability make it a standout title for both competitive and casual gamers alike.

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