American Conquest (2003)

by Christopher
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With its vast array of factions, attention to historical detail, and complex strategy mechanics, American Conquest stands as a noteworthy title in the RTS genre, offering both a challenging and educational experience.


American Conquest is a real-time strategy game that offers players a deep dive into the colonization and conquest of the Americas. With a focus on historical accuracy and strategic depth, it has carved out a unique place in the strategy gaming landscape.


The game begins in the year 1492, with the player traveling to America as Christopher Columbus. This marks the start of 300 years of heated battles for land, riches, and freedom. The game spans eight historical campaigns with 42 missions, allowing players to command epic real-time battles with up to 16,000 soldiers on 3D landscapes.

The gameplay mechanics and economic factors of “American Conquest” are shared with the earlier GSC Game World title “Cossacks: European Wars” and its add-ons. The game allows the building of a base with which the player will conduct military and economic activities to prepare for victory in a scenario.

The game involves building dwellings for your peasant workforce and gathering resources like wood, food, gold, stone, coal, and iron from mines. These resources are used to construct buildings and maintain the army. Food may be harvested from either a mill or by hunting wild animals with specialized units.

“American Conquest” differs from “Cossacks” in that peasants are needed in the direct creation of military units. If no peasants are sent into forts, stables, or fortresses, no units may be trained. Upgrades which would boost the fighting capability as well as the training time of the army are also conducted at those buildings.

Forts and fortresses are central to the defense of any base and garrisoned troops will open fire on encroaching enemy units or wild animals. The common economic and scientific buildings in “American Conquest” may also be garrisoned by either peasants or by regulars of the army. An attacking army may also capture these garrisoned buildings by sending units into them and defeat its defenders in unseen hand-to-hand combat.

Players may also construct log cabins if playing for a European power where garrisoned units receive a bonus in its defense. Another feature of “American Conquest” is the morale factor.

In summary, “American Conquest” is a game that combines historical events with real-time strategy gameplay. It offers players a chance to rewrite history and experience the thrill of conquest and the challenge of defense. Whether you’re a fan of history or strategy games, “American Conquest” offers a unique gaming experience.


Players can control historical figures and lead factions like the British, Spanish, French, and various Native American tribes, each with unique units and strategies.


Featuring large-scale battles, resource management, and the need for strategic diplomacy, the game challenges players to not only fight but also to manage their empire wisely.


American Conquest offers a rich and challenging experience, blending historical accuracy with deep strategic gameplay.

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