Appointment With FEAR (2014)

by Nish
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Appointment With FEAR: A Thrilling Interactive Graphic Novel


Appointment With FEAR is an interactive graphic novel that puts you in the role of Titan City’s resident superhero. Fight crime and solve clues to discover FEAR’s fiendish plot!


Appointment With FEAR is played by reading through the story and making choices at key moments. Your choices will determine how the story progresses and which ending you get. The game features a variety of puzzles and action sequences, as well as a branching storyline with multiple endings.


You are the superhero Titan, and you have sworn to protect Titan City from evil. But when the villainous organization FEAR threatens to destroy the city, you must use all of your powers to stop them.

As you investigate FEAR’s plot, you will encounter a variety of challenges, including:

  • Fighting FEAR’s minions
  • Solving puzzles
  • Making difficult choices

Your choices will shape the story and determine the fate of Titan City.


  • Titan: The player character, a superhero who has sworn to protect Titan City.
  • FEAR: A villainous organization that threatens to destroy Titan City.
  • Dr. Emily Carter: A scientist who is working on a cure for FEAR’s deadly virus.
  • General Steele: A military commander who is helping Titan fight FEAR.


Appointment With FEAR is set in Titan City, a futuristic metropolis that is home to both heroes and villains. The city is a sprawling urban landscape, with towering skyscrapers and bustling streets. It is also a city that is under siege by FEAR, and it is up to Titan to save the day.


Appointment With FEAR explores a number of themes, including:

  • The power of choice
  • The importance of heroism
  • The nature of good and evil

Critical Reception

Appointment With FEAR received positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its engaging story, challenging puzzles, and branching storyline. Many reviewers also noted the game’s unique art style, which combines traditional comic book art with 3D graphics.


Appointment With FEAR is a thrilling interactive graphic novel that puts you in the role of a superhero. The game features a compelling story, challenging puzzles, and a branching storyline with multiple endings. If you are a fan of superheroes, graphic novels, or interactive fiction, then you should definitely check out Appointment With FEAR.


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