Arkista’s Ring (1990)

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Arkista’s Ring: A Unique and Enchanting NES Adventure

Released in 1990 by American Sammy for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Arkista’s Ring is a top-down action-adventure game that stands out from its contemporaries due to its linear style and the limitation of one primary character. Players take on the role of Christine, an elf on a quest to recover the titular Arkista’s Ring, a powerful artifact that has been stolen by the evil sorcerer Zargon.


Arkista’s Ring features familiar gameplay mechanics found in many action-adventure games of its era. Players explore a series of dungeons, battling enemies, solving puzzles, and collecting items. Christine can attack enemies with her sword or bow and arrow, and she can also use magic spells.

What sets Arkista’s Ring apart is its linear style. Unlike many other action-adventure games, which offer a more open-ended approach to exploration, Arkista’s Ring follows a more straightforward path. This linearity gives the game a sense of focus and urgency, as players are constantly moving forward towards their goal.

Another unique aspect of Arkista’s Ring is the limitation of one primary character. While many action-adventure games allow players to control a party of multiple characters, Arkista’s Ring forces players to rely solely on Christine. This limitation creates a greater sense of vulnerability and isolation, and it forces players to be more strategic in their approach to combat and puzzle-solving.


The story of Arkista’s Ring is relatively simple, but it is effective in providing a compelling backdrop for the game’s action-packed gameplay. Christine is an elf who lives in the peaceful village of Elrond. One day, the evil sorcerer Zargon attacks the village and steals the Arkista’s Ring, a powerful artifact that protects Elrond from harm. Christine sets out on a quest to recover the ring and defeat Zargon, and along the way she meets a cast of colorful characters who help her on her journey.

Graphics and Sound

Arkista’s Ring features vibrant and detailed graphics for its time. The dungeons are varied and atmospheric, and the character sprites are well-animated. The game’s soundtrack is also excellent, with a mix of catchy and atmospheric tunes that enhance the overall experience.


Arkista’s Ring was not a commercial success upon its release, but it has since gained a cult following among retro gaming enthusiasts. The game is praised for its unique gameplay, its charming story, and its beautiful graphics and sound. Arkista’s Ring is considered to be one of the hidden gems of the NES library, and it is still enjoyed by many gamers today.


Arkista’s Ring is a unique and enchanting action-adventure game that stands out from its contemporaries. Its linear style, the limitation of one primary character, and its charming story make it a memorable and enjoyable experience. If you are a fan of retro gaming or action-adventure games in general, then I highly recommend checking out Arkista’s Ring.

Additional Information

  • Developer: American Sammy
  • Publisher: American Sammy
  • Release Date: 1990
  • Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • ESRB Rating: Not Rated

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