Army of Two (2008)

by Christopher
4 minutes read


An action-packed cooperative shooter that explores the bonds of friendship and the cost of war, set within the lucrative yet ethically ambiguous world of private military corporations.


Set against the backdrop of contemporary global conflicts, Army of Two challenges players to navigate the murky world of private military corporations. With a blend of action-packed gameplay, strategic combat, and a compelling narrative, it offers an immersive cooperative experience.


The game’s story follows the duo through missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other hotspots, as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens the world. Faced with moral dilemmas and intense combat situations, players must rely on teamwork to succeed.


The main characters, Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios, are characterized by their unique skills, personalities, and the deep bond they share. Supporting characters, including Alice Murray, their handler, add depth to the story.


Gameplay revolves around the innovative ‘Aggro’ system, strategic use of cover, and coordination between players. The game also features weapon customization, vehicular sections, and moral decisions that affect the storyline.


Army of Two stands as a significant contribution to the shooter genre, particularly for its emphasis on co-op gameplay. It remains a memorable experience for its engaging action, strategic depth, and the bond between its main characters.

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