Barricade (1977)

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Barricade (1977): A Timeless Maze Classic


Released in 1977 by RamTek, Barricade is an overhead view maze arcade game that captivated players with its simple yet addictive gameplay. With its unique blend of strategy and reflexes, Barricade has stood the test of time as a beloved classic in the gaming world.


Barricade is played on a maze-like grid, with two players controlling blocks that can move horizontally or vertically. The objective of the game is to surround your opponent’s block with walls, forcing them to crash into an obstacle and lose a life.

Each player starts with a limited number of walls, which they can place anywhere on the grid to create barriers. As the game progresses, players must carefully plan their moves to trap their opponent while avoiding being trapped themselves.

Strategy and Skill

While Barricade’s gameplay may seem simple at first glance, it requires a combination of strategy and quick reflexes to master. Players must anticipate their opponent’s moves, predict their path, and place walls accordingly.

Timing is also crucial in Barricade. Placing a wall at the right moment can cut off your opponent’s escape route or force them into a dead end. Conversely, placing a wall too early can give your opponent time to react and adjust their strategy.


Over the years, several variations of Barricade have been released, each with its own unique gameplay elements. Some popular variations include:

  • Double Barricade: A two-on-two version of the game where teams work together to trap their opponents.
  • Barricade II: A sequel that introduced new mazes and obstacles, as well as the ability to place walls diagonally.
  • Super Barricade: An updated version that featured improved graphics and sound effects, as well as a variety of new mazes.


Barricade has left an enduring legacy in the gaming industry. Its simple yet addictive gameplay has inspired countless imitators and spin-offs, including the popular mobile game Snake.

The game’s influence can also be seen in modern titles such as Pac-Man Championship Edition and Qix, which incorporate similar maze-based gameplay mechanics.

Cultural Impact

Beyond its impact on the gaming world, Barricade has also made its mark on popular culture. The game has been featured in numerous films and television shows, including “Tron” and “The Simpsons.”

Barricade has also been the subject of academic studies, with researchers exploring its psychological and strategic elements.


Barricade (1977) is a timeless classic that continues to entertain and challenge players of all ages. Its simple yet addictive gameplay, combined with its strategic depth and replayability, have made it a beloved favorite in the arcade and home gaming scenes.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of classic arcade games, Barricade is a must-play experience that will test your reflexes and strategic thinking skills. So gather a friend, fire up the emulator, and prepare for hours of thrilling maze-based action!

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