Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition (2010)

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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition (2010)

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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is a turn-based strategy sports game developed by Cyanide Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive. It is based on the Warhammer Fantasy world and is a combination of American football and fantasy football. The game was released on September 23, 2010, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.


Blood Bowl is played on a grid-based pitch, with each team taking turns to move their players and attempt to score touchdowns. Players can move, pass, run, or tackle, and can use a variety of skills and abilities to help them succeed. The game is played in real-time, but players can pause the action at any time to issue commands to their players.

One of the unique features of Blood Bowl is the inclusion of violence. Players can injure or even kill opposing players, and there are a variety of dirty tricks that can be used to gain an advantage. This adds an element of risk and excitement to the game, and makes it much more than just a simple sports game.


There are 20 playable races in Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Some of the races include humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, and undead. Each race has its own unique set of skills and abilities, and players must carefully consider which race they want to play as before starting a game.

Game modes

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition features a variety of game modes, including single-player, multiplayer, and online multiplayer. In single-player mode, players can play against the AI or compete in a variety of challenges. In multiplayer mode, players can compete against each other locally or online.


Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition received positive reviews from critics, with many praising the game’s unique blend of strategy and sports. The game was also a commercial success, selling over 500,000 copies worldwide.


Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is a must-play for fans of strategy and sports games. It’s a brutal, hilarious, and addictive experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Tips for playing Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

Here are a few tips for playing Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition:

  • Choose your race carefully. Each race has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose a race that fits your playstyle.
  • Learn the rules. Blood Bowl can be a complex game, so it’s important to learn the rules before you start playing.
  • Be aggressive. Blood Bowl is a violent game, so don’t be afraid to get aggressive and injure or kill your opponents.
  • Use your skills and abilities wisely. Each player has a variety of skills and abilities that can be used to help them succeed. Make sure to use these skills and abilities wisely to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Have fun! Blood Bowl is a game, so make sure to have fun while you’re playing. Don’t take it too seriously, and just enjoy the experience.

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