Blues Brothers 2000 (2000)

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Blues Brothers 2000: A Mission From God


Blues Brothers 2000 is a 2000 action-adventure video game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Ubisoft. The game is based on the 1998 film of the same name, which is a sequel to the 1980 film The Blues Brothers. The game follows the Blues Brothers, Jake and Elwood, as they travel across the United States to reunite their band and save a music festival from being shut down.


Blues Brothers 2000 is a third-person action-adventure game. The player controls Jake or Elwood Blues as they explore various levels, solve puzzles, and fight enemies. The game features a variety of weapons, including fists, bottles, and guns. The player can also use the environment to their advantage, such as by throwing objects at enemies or using cover to avoid gunfire.

The game’s levels are based on locations from the film, such as the prison where Jake is being held, the streets of Chicago, and the Louisiana bayou. Each level has its own unique challenges and enemies. For example, the prison level requires the player to sneak past guards and avoid detection, while the Chicago level features a large-scale battle between the Blues Brothers and the Nazis.


The story of Blues Brothers 2000 follows the events of the film. Jake Blues is released from prison and reunited with his brother Elwood. The two of them set out to reunite their band, the Blues Brothers, and save a music festival from being shut down by the evil industrialist, Eustace Conway.

Along the way, the Blues Brothers encounter a variety of allies and enemies. They are helped by their friends, such as Cab Calloway, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown. They are also opposed by Conway’s henchmen, such as Neon Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen.

The Blues Brothers eventually reach the music festival and confront Conway. They defeat Conway and his henchmen, and the festival is saved.


  • Jake Blues: The leader of the Blues Brothers. He is a former convict who is trying to turn his life around.
  • Elwood Blues: Jake’s brother and partner. He is a devout Catholic who is always looking for a good time.
  • Cab Calloway: A legendary jazz musician who helps the Blues Brothers on their mission.
  • Aretha Franklin: A gospel singer who helps the Blues Brothers on their mission.
  • James Brown: A soul singer who helps the Blues Brothers on their mission.
  • Eustace Conway: An evil industrialist who is trying to shut down the music festival.


Blues Brothers 2000 received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the game’s humor, action, and music, while others criticized its repetitive gameplay and technical problems. The game was a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies worldwide.


Blues Brothers 2000 is a cult classic video game that is still enjoyed by fans of the Blues Brothers today. The game’s humor, action, and music make it a fun and entertaining experience.


Blues Brothers 2000 is a fun and entertaining action-adventure game that is sure to please fans of the Blues Brothers. The game’s humor, action, and music make it a great choice for a night of gaming.

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