Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror (1997)

by Christopher
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Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror captivates with its blend of mystery, adventure, and puzzle-solving, set against a backdrop of beautifully rendered scenes. It remains a beloved classic, cherished by fans of the genre.


Dive into the thrilling world of Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror, a masterpiece of the point-and-click adventure genre that combines engaging puzzles, compelling storytelling, and beautifully crafted visuals.


“Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror” is a point-and-click adventure video game that was originally released on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation in 1997. It was re-released on Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS as a remastered edition in 2010 and on Android in 2012. This game is the second installment in the Broken Sword series, and it’s the first game in the series that does not follow the Knights Templar storyline.

The game begins with the player assuming the role of George Stobbart, a young American who is an eyewitness to the kidnapping of his girlfriend Nicole Collard. The game was conceived in 1997 by Revolution Software. Though serious in tone, The Smoking Mirror incorporates some humor and graphics animated in the style of classic animated films. It was the fourth and last game built with the Virtual Theatre engine, which was used to render the locations of the game’s events.

“Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror” is a 2D adventure game played from a third-person perspective. Via a point-and-click interface, the player guides protagonist George Stobbart through the game’s world and interacts with the environment by selecting from multiple commands. Nicole Collard is also a playable character in selected portions of the game. The player controls George’s movements and actions with a mouse (PC and PlayStation), or a gamepad (PlayStation).

Players can collect objects that can be used with either other collectible objects, parts of the scenery, or with other people in order to solve puzzles and progress in the game. George can engage in dialogue with other characters through conversation trees to gain hints of what needs to be done to solve the puzzles or to progress the plot.

Unlike the first Broken Sword game, which garnered critical acclaim, The Smoking Mirror received mixed to positive reviews, mostly for not living up to its predecessor. Nevertheless, it was a commercial success, selling about one million copies in the mid-1990s. Revolution released a remastered version of the game in 2010, which unlike the original version, received highly favorable reviews from critics.


George Stobbart – The American protagonist with a knack for getting into trouble. Nicole Collard – A French journalist and George’s companion, playable in parts of the game. Various other characters enrich the narrative, offering clues, challenges, and comic relief.


Featuring a point-and-click interface, players guide George and Nicole through the game world. Interaction with the environment is crucial, as is the collection of objects to solve puzzles. Dialogue trees provide depth to conversations, aiding in the progression of the story.


With its compelling plot, immersive gameplay, and stunning visuals, Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror stands as a pinnacle of the adventure genre, offering an experience that is both challenging and deeply rewarding.

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