Captain Forever Remix (2016)

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Captain Forever Remix: The Ultimate Spaceship Builder Roguelike


Captain Forever Remix is a spaceship builder roguelike that takes you on an epic journey across the Solar System. Your goal is to stop your evil brother, who has become a bubblegum mutant and is wreaking havoc on the celestial bodies. To do this, you’ll need to build a powerful spaceship and blast apart randomly-generated enemies for spare parts.


Captain Forever Remix is a top-down shooter with roguelike elements. This means that each playthrough is unique, and death is permanent. The game is divided into sectors, each of which is procedurally generated. As you progress through the sectors, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies, including space pirates, aliens, and giant bosses.

To defeat your enemies, you’ll need to build a powerful spaceship. You can do this by collecting spare parts from defeated enemies and using them to upgrade your ship’s weapons, shields, and engines. You can also find blueprints for new ship parts, which will allow you to build even more powerful ships.

In addition to the main story mode, Captain Forever Remix also features a number of challenge modes. These modes offer a variety of different challenges, such as time trials, boss rushes, and survival modes.

Spaceship Building

One of the most unique features of Captain Forever Remix is its spaceship building system. You can build your ship from a variety of different parts, including weapons, shields, engines, and wings. Each part has its own unique stats and abilities, so you’ll need to experiment to find the best combination for your playstyle.

There are over 100 different ship parts to collect in Captain Forever Remix, so the possibilities are endless. You can build a ship that is heavily armed and armored, or you can build a ship that is fast and agile. You can even build a ship that is designed to look like a giant robot or a flying saucer.


Captain Forever Remix takes you on a journey across the Solar System. You’ll visit planets, moons, and asteroid fields, each with its own unique environment and challenges. You’ll also encounter a variety of different alien races, each with their own unique ships and weapons.

As you explore the Solar System, you’ll also find a variety of secrets and hidden areas. These areas often contain valuable loot, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny.


Captain Forever Remix has a quirky and humorous story that follows the adventures of Captain Forever, a space adventurer who is trying to stop his evil brother. The story is told through a series of cutscenes and dialogue sequences.

The story is full of twists and turns, and it will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Art and Music

Captain Forever Remix has a unique and charming art style. The game’s graphics are colorful and vibrant, and the character designs are quirky and memorable.

The game’s music is also excellent. The soundtrack is composed of a variety of electronic and rock songs that perfectly capture the game’s atmosphere.


Captain Forever Remix is a fantastic spaceship builder roguelike that offers a unique and challenging experience. The game’s procedurally generated levels, customizable spaceship building system, and quirky story will keep you entertained for hours on end.

If you’re a fan of roguelikes, spaceship games, or just plain fun games, then you need to check out Captain Forever Remix.

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