Castle Shikigami 2 (2003)

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Castle Shikigami 2: A Sci-Fi Bullet Hell Masterpiece

Released in 2003, Castle Shikigami 2 (SS2) is a vertical-scrolling shooter (shmup) that combines intense bullet-hell action with a compelling story mode and a cast of seven unique characters. Developed by Alfa System and published by Capcom, SS2 is the sequel to the 1999 game Shikigami no Shiro.


As in most shmups, SS2 puts you in control of a small fighter as you attempt to make your way past several stages filled with enemy ships charging and attacking you in different patterns. You can shoot down enemies to collect power-ups that enhance your firepower and speed.

What sets SS2 apart from other shmups is its unique weapon system. Similar to the Psyvariar series, SS2 allows you to enhance your power and rate of fire by scraping incoming bullets. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as you must carefully position your ship to maximize your firepower while avoiding enemy fire.

Another unique feature of SS2 is its cast of seven distinct characters. Each character has their own unique fighter, as well as their own psychic powers that manifest in-game as bomb-type attacks and other special moves. This variety of characters and abilities gives SS2 a lot of replayability, as you can experiment with different playstyles to find the one that suits you best.

Story Mode

SS2 features a story mode for each character, in which they have different dialogue and plot-sequences for each boss fight. The story mode is fully voiced in Japanese, and it does a great job of fleshing out the characters and their motivations.

The story of SS2 takes place in a futuristic world where the Earth has been invaded by an alien race known as the Shikigami. The Shikigami are powerful beings who possess psychic powers, and they have enslaved humanity. The seven playable characters are all members of a resistance group that is fighting to liberate Earth from the Shikigami.


The seven playable characters in SS2 are:

  • Akira Inugami: A young man who is the leader of the resistance group. He is a skilled fighter and pilot, and his psychic power allows him to create powerful energy blasts.
  • Rei Ayanami: A mysterious woman who is Akira’s second-in-command. She is a powerful psychic, and her abilities include telekinesis and mind control.
  • Asuka Langley Soryu: A hot-headed and impulsive young woman who is one of the best pilots in the resistance group. Her psychic power allows her to create a powerful force field around her ship.
  • Misato Katsuragi: A mature and intelligent woman who is the chief scientist of the resistance group. Her psychic power allows her to hack into enemy systems and disable their weapons.
  • Ritsuko Akagi: A brilliant scientist who is Misato’s assistant. Her psychic power allows her to create powerful illusions.
  • Maya Ibuki: A skilled hacker who is responsible for maintaining the resistance group’s communications network. Her psychic power allows her to create powerful viruses that can infect enemy systems.
  • Hikari Horaki: A young woman who is the newest member of the resistance group. She is a skilled fighter and pilot, and her psychic power allows her to create powerful barriers.

Graphics and Sound

SS2 is a visually impressive game for its time. The graphics are colorful and detailed, and the character designs are top-notch. The game also features a great soundtrack that perfectly captures the game’s intense and futuristic atmosphere.


Castle Shikigami 2 is a fantastic vertical-scrolling shooter that offers intense bullet-hell action, a compelling story mode, and a cast of seven unique characters. If you’re a fan of shmups, then you owe it to yourself to check out SS2.

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