Castlevania: Order of Shadows (2007)

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Castlevania: Order of Shadows is a notable entry in the Castlevania series, expanding its reach to mobile gamers. With a new story and characters, it upholds the series’ legacy of challenging gameplay and atmospheric storytelling, adapted for play on the go.


In 2007, Konami expanded the Castlevania saga with Order of Shadows, bringing the vampire-hunting adventures to mobile devices. This title offered a unique experience, tailored to the limitations and possibilities of mobile gaming at the time.


“Castlevania: Order of Shadows” is a mobile game developed by Konami and released in September 2007. The game is an action-adventure platformer with role-playing elements, part of the renowned Castlevania series. The game’s plot revolves around the character Desmond Belmont, the latest in the line of Belmont family members to star in a Castlevania game.

The story unfolds in the late 17th century. Desmond Belmont, along with his two sisters, Zoe and Dolores, venture into Dracula’s castle. Their mission is to thwart a cult known as “The Order” that is attempting to resurrect Dracula. This game is considered a side story to the official canon and is not part of Koji Igarashi’s official timeline.

Desmond Belmont, like other members of his family, wields a whip as his primary weapon. This weapon is supplemented with additional sub-weapons like throwing axes and vials of holy water that act as firebombs. The game also features the ability to swap out the existing soundtrack with songs from the original Castlevania.

The Belmont siblings have sensed a connection between The Order and Dracula. Following the information given by their loyal friend, Giovanni, they find a mansion hidden within a meadow near the Eternal Night forest, where The Order is suspected to convene. The three siblings part ways to cover more ground, with Zoe and Dolores each searching the mansion on their own, hoping to find the inner sanctum that holds the sacrificial altar where they expect to find the sect’s leader, Rohan Krause.

Desmond, on his part, would break into the mansion in a frontal attack. At one point during his journey, Desmond reunites with Zoe; she gives him a magic gauntlet which he can use to channel alchemy with and also informs him they might have better luck finding the inner sanctum by exploring underground.

After traversing a complex of caverns, all three siblings converge at the sanctum’s entrance. Zoe and Dolores decide to go back into the mansion to search for more clues, while Desmond continues onward. Inside the chamber that holds the sacrificial altar, Desmond meets Krause and both then engage in a battle to the death.

The young Belmont emerges victorious from this encounter, and with this victory, he also gains possession of the legendary Vampire Killer whip. The game ends with the Belmont siblings successfully thwarting The Order’s plans and preventing Dracula’s resurrection.

Despite being a mobile exclusive game, “Castlevania: Order of Shadows” managed to capture the essence of the Castlevania series. It offered a unique blend of action, adventure, and role-playing elements, making it a memorable addition to the Castlevania franchise.


The game features a fresh cast of characters alongside the familiar enemies that fans expect from a Castlevania title. This installment focuses on a new Belmont protagonist, who takes up the mantle to confront dark forces and uncover the mysteries of the Order of Shadows.


Adapting the classic Castlevania formula to the mobile platform, Order of Shadows combines side-scrolling action with exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. The game challenges players to navigate through gothic landscapes, defeat enemies, and overcome obstacles using a variety of weapons and spells.


While Castlevania: Order of Shadows may not stand as the pinnacle of the series, it represents an important milestone in bringing classic gaming franchises to mobile platforms. It showcases the potential for rich storytelling and engaging gameplay, even within the constraints of early mobile technology.

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