Championship Sprint (1986)

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Championship Sprint: A Retro Racing Masterpiece

Released in 1986, Championship Sprint is an arcade racing game that quickly gained popularity for its addictive gameplay, challenging tracks, and competitive multiplayer mode. As the sequel to the successful Super Sprint, Championship Sprint introduced several improvements and new features that made it a standout title in the genre.


Championship Sprint is a top-down racing game where players control Formula One-style cars and compete against each other on a variety of tracks. The game features a simple control scheme, with players using a joystick to steer and buttons to accelerate and brake. However, mastering the game’s physics-based handling model is no easy feat, and it takes practice to become proficient at navigating the tracks’ twists and turns without crashing.

One of the key features of Championship Sprint is its split-screen multiplayer mode, which allows up to four players to race against each other simultaneously. This mode adds an extra layer of excitement and competition to the game, and it’s what truly sets it apart from other racing games of the era.


Championship Sprint features a total of 16 tracks, each with its own unique layout and challenges. The tracks are set in a variety of locations, including city streets, mountain passes, and desert landscapes. Some tracks are relatively straightforward, while others are more complex and require players to memorize the layout in order to succeed.

One of the things that makes Championship Sprint so challenging is the fact that the tracks are not always fair. There are plenty of obstacles and hazards to watch out for, such as oil slicks, ramps, and even other cars. Players need to be constantly aware of their surroundings and react quickly to avoid crashing.


There are a total of six cars to choose from in Championship Sprint, each with its own unique stats. Some cars are faster than others, while others have better handling or acceleration. Players can experiment with different cars to find one that suits their driving style.

In addition to the standard cars, there is also a secret car that can be unlocked by performing a specific sequence of actions. This car is the fastest in the game, but it is also more difficult to control.


Championship Sprint features two main modes: Grand Prix and Time Trial. In Grand Prix mode, players race against seven other cars in a series of races. The player with the most points at the end of the series is declared the winner.

In Time Trial mode, players race against the clock to set the fastest possible time on a given track. This mode is perfect for practicing and improving your skills.


Championship Sprint was a critical and commercial success upon its release, and it is still considered to be one of the best arcade racing games of all time. The game’s simple yet challenging gameplay, competitive multiplayer mode, and variety of tracks have ensured its lasting popularity.

Championship Sprint has been ported to a number of home platforms over the years, including the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and Amiga. The game has also been included in several retro game compilations.


Championship Sprint is a timeless arcade classic that offers a challenging and rewarding experience for players of all skill levels. The game’s simple controls, addictive gameplay, and competitive multiplayer mode make it a must-play for fans of racing games. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Championship Sprint is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

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