Chessmaster 6000 (1998)

by Christopher
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Chessmaster 6000 is praised for its educational value and gameplay depth, making it a staple in chess software despite its online play drawbacks.


Chessmaster 6000 stands as a landmark in chess gaming, blending in-depth tutorials with advanced gameplay mechanics.


This game is designed to cater to both novice and experienced chess players, offering a range of features to enhance learning and competitive play.


The game features nearly 100 ‘personalities,’ from novices to grandmasters, including Josh Waitzkin and a gallery of world-famous grandmasters.


It includes an extensive tutorial system, voice commentary for lessons, and a variety of tools and modes for players of all levels.

Reception and Critiscism

Overall, the game was well-received for its comprehensive features, though it faced criticism for its online play transition to Mplayer.


Chessmaster 6000 remains a beloved classic for chess enthusiasts, offering depth and variety in chess education and gameplay.

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