Colony (2016)

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Colony (2016): A Deep Dive into Space Exploration and Galactic Conquest


Colony is a space exploration game developed by FireFly Studios and published by Team17. It was released on Windows, macOS, and Linux in 2016. In Colony, players take on the role of a spacefaring commander tasked with colonizing new planets, battling alien races, collecting resources, and saving the human race.


Colony is a turn-based strategy game with a strong focus on exploration and resource management. Players begin the game with a single spaceship and a small crew. They must then travel from planet to planet, scanning for resources, establishing colonies, and defending their territory from alien threats.

Each planet in Colony is procedurally generated, meaning that no two planets are exactly the same. This ensures that players will always have a new and unique experience every time they play the game. Planets can vary greatly in size, terrain, and resources. Some planets may be lush and habitable, while others may be barren and hostile.

Players must carefully manage their resources in order to survive and thrive in Colony. Resources can be used to build new ships, upgrade existing ships, and construct buildings on planets. Players must also balance their resource needs with the needs of their colonists. Colonists require food, water, and shelter in order to survive.

In addition to exploration and resource management, Colony also features a strong combat system. Players can engage in ship-to-ship combat, as well as ground combat on planets. Combat is turn-based and tactical, and players must carefully consider their strategy in order to succeed.


Colony’s story is set in a distant future where the human race has been forced to flee Earth due to a cataclysmic event. The humans have colonized a number of planets, but they are constantly under threat from alien races. Players take on the role of a spacefaring commander tasked with leading the humans to safety and securing their future.

The story of Colony is told through a series of cutscenes and in-game dialogue. The story is well-written and engaging, and it does a good job of motivating the player to continue playing.

Graphics and Sound

Colony’s graphics are impressive, with detailed and realistic planets and spaceships. The game’s art style is a mix of science fiction and fantasy, and it creates a unique and immersive experience.

The sound design in Colony is also top-notch. The music is atmospheric and immersive, and the sound effects are realistic and well-done.


Colony is a fantastic space exploration game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The game’s strong focus on exploration, resource management, and combat make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Score: 8.5/10


  • Deep and engaging gameplay
  • Procedurally generated planets ensure a unique experience every time you play
  • Strong combat system
  • Well-written and engaging story
  • Impressive graphics and sound design


  • Can be difficult to learn for new players
  • Some missions can be repetitive
  • AI can be sometimes be unpredictable

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