Contract J.A.C.K. (2003)

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Contract J.A.C.K. serves as an adrenaline-fueled prequel to No One Lives Forever 2, offering players a glimpse into the darker side of its spy-centric universe. Despite its brevity and focus on action, it remains a noteworthy chapter in the series.


Contract J.A.C.K. stands for ‘Just Another Contract Killer,’ offering players a unique dive into the world of No One Lives Forever from the perspective of an anti-hero. Released in 2003, this game combines fast-paced action with the series’ trademark humor and style.


“Contract J.A.C.K.” is a first-person shooter video game released in 2003. Developed by Monolith Productions and published by Vivendi Universal Games and Sierra Entertainment, it serves as a prequel to “No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way”.

The game’s protagonist is John Jack, a professional killer who is recruited by H.A.R.M., a criminal organization central to the “No One Lives Forever” series. The storyline of “Contract J.A.C.K.” is set between the events of the original “The Operative: No One Lives Forever” and its sequel, “No One Lives Forever 2”.

The game begins with Jack being apprehended by thugs after a night of heavy drinking. Before they can execute him, Jack breaks free from his restraints and eliminates the thugs. He then receives a phone call from Dimitrij Volkov, H.A.R.M.’s Director of Executive Action, who instructs Jack to report to a job interview at the Roman ruins on Malta.

The interview turns out to be a test of Jack’s combat skills, as he is required to fight off waves of H.A.R.M. troopers while Volkov taunts them over a loudspeaker. Jack passes the test and is hired by H.A.R.M.

For his first assignment, Jack is sent to infiltrate a Czechoslovakian military base to find out why a rival criminal organization, Danger Danger, is interested in it. As he delves deeper into the base, Jack discovers that it is a secret rocket launch site.

Danger Danger plans to use a Czech rocket to recover Dr. Harij, a H.A.R.M. scientist stranded on the Moon following the destruction of H.A.R.M.’s space station in “No One Lives Forever”. Although Danger Danger manages to launch a rocket full of their men, Jack commandeers a second rocket and follows them to the Moon.

On the Moon, Jack fights through Danger Danger goons to reach Dr. Harij. Danger Danger gets to the scientist first and begins destroying the lunar base to prevent Jack from escaping. Jack reaches Danger Danger’s rocket just before it lifts off.

The propulsion from the rocket and the explosion of the base send Jack floating through space on a collision course with the Sun. Il Pazzo, the leader of Danger Danger, dispatches men to kill Jack, but they fail. Jack manages to float to the other rocket, which had been floating among the debris of the base.

Jack crashes his rocket into the Italian countryside of Tuscany, marking the end of his adventure. Throughout the game, Jack proves himself to be a formidable force, surviving against all odds and completing his mission for H.A.R.M.

“Contract J.A.C.K.” offers players an exciting journey through a world of espionage and danger. The game’s plot is filled with twists and turns, keeping players on the edge of their seats as they navigate through various challenges and fight off enemies. Despite its age, “Contract J.A.C.K.” remains a classic in the first-person shooter genre, providing a unique perspective on the events of the “No One Lives Forever” series.


Key characters include John Jack, the protagonist and skilled assassin; Dmitrij Volkov, the leader of H.A.R.M. who assigns Jack his missions; and various leaders and henchmen from rival organizations and the Italian mafia.


Contract J.A.C.K. delivers a straightforward first-person shooting experience, emphasizing action over the stealth and puzzle-solving elements of its predecessors. With a rich arsenal of weapons and vehicles, players face off against a variety of enemies in diverse environments.


As a bridge between the intricate narratives of the No One Lives Forever games, Contract J.A.C.K. offers an explosive if somewhat shallow foray into the series’ universe. Its focus on relentless action and the perspective of an anti-hero provides a fresh, albeit less nuanced, experience.

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