Crash Twinsanity (2004)

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An adventurous platformer that combines classic Crash Bandicoot gameplay with new, cooperative mechanics, featuring Crash and Cortex. Twinsanity’s humor, unique character dynamics, and inventive gameplay provide a fresh and engaging experience.


Crash Twinsanity introduces a bold twist to the Crash Bandicoot series by pairing the titular hero with his archenemy, Dr. Neo Cortex, in a comedic adventure filled with chaos, laughter, and innovative gameplay. This 2004 title remains a memorable experiment in the series, blending platforming action with a unique cooperative dynamic.


“Crash Twinsanity” is a 2004 platform video game developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Vivendi Universal Games for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It is the eleventh installment in the Crash Bandicoot series and the fifth game in the main series.

The game’s story takes place three years after the events of “Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex” and follows the main protagonist and antagonist of the series, Crash Bandicoot and Doctor Neo Cortex, who must work together to stop the Evil Twins—a pair of interdimensional parrots—from destroying N. Sanity Island.

The game begins with a frozen Doctor Neo Cortex and Uka Uka washing up on N. Sanity Beach. As Coco innocently chases a butterfly, Cortex knocks her out with his ray gun, and disguises as her to lure an unaware Crash through Jungle Bungle. Eventually, the path stops, and “Coco” reveals herself.

Cortex reveals that he has organized a gathering, “like a birthday party, except… the exact opposite”, with Crash’s past enemies as party guests. Cortex quickly starts “handing out the presents” by throwing bombs and shooting at him. Crash beats him once again, and orders Doctor N. Gin to roll out his newest creation: Mecha-Bandicoot, a giant, robotic Crash lookalike.

The story is set three years after the events of “Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex”, where the villainous Doctor Neo Cortex and the mighty Uka Uka were left stranded in the Antarctic sea. In this game’s story, N. Sanity Island comes under threat by a sinister duo called The Evil Twins, forcing Crash Bandicoot to reluctantly team up with his arch nemesis and creator, Doctor Neo Cortex, whom the twins seek revenge against.

There are four playable characters: Crash Bandicoot, Doctor Neo Cortex (sometimes both at the same time), Cortex’s niece, Nina Cortex, and the Mecha-Bandicoot during the final battle.

“Crash Twinsanity” differs from previous entries in the series through its free-roaming gameplay style; the player can explore the game’s environments in all directions and travel seamlessly between levels. As opposed to the “hub room” format utilized by previous games, the player’s progression through Twinsanity is influenced by the plot.

Over the course of the game, the player controls three different characters: Crash Bandicoot, Doctor Neo Cortex (or both at the same time) and new character Nina Cortex; the controlled character alternates between particular levels. Crash is the primary player character and has the ability to jump into the air and land on enemy characters, spin in a tornado-like fashion to knock enemies off-screen, slide across the ground and perform a body slam to break certain objects.

Various concepts were removed from the game during production due to time constraints, but were incorporated into the final game as unlockable extras. “Crash Twinsanity” received mixed reviews upon release. Critics mostly praised the gameplay variety, presentation, narrative, humour and Lang’s voice performance, but had mixed reactions towards the music and criticized the controls, platforming sections, and camera.


Crash Bandicoot, the adventurous and silent protagonist; Dr. Neo Cortex, Crash’s smart but evil nemesis turned unlikely ally; along with a cast of characters from the Crash universe and new adversaries specific to Twinsanity.


Crash Twinsanity retains the series’ classic platforming elements while introducing cooperative gameplay mechanics. Players can switch between Crash and Cortex for different tasks, using Cortex to reach new areas or as a makeshift weapon. This new approach adds strategic layers to the game, requiring players to utilize both characters’ abilities to navigate through levels.


Crash Twinsanity stands as a bold and entertaining entry in the Crash Bandicoot series, remembered for its unique cooperative gameplay and humorous storyline. While it may deviate from the series’ roots, its innovative approach and memorable moments make it a valuable addition to the franchise.

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