Dawn of Heroes (2010)

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Dawn of Heroes: A Triumphant Return to Classic RPGs

Released in 2010, Dawn of Heroes is a tactical role-playing game (TRPG) that harkens back to the golden age of the genre. Developed by Haemimont Games and published by Ubisoft, the game combines classic RPG elements such as character development, epic combat, quests, and puzzles with a refreshing and humorous style.

Story and Setting

Dawn of Heroes is set in the fantasy world of Andoria, a realm where humans, elves, dwarves, and other races coexist in relative harmony. However, this peace is threatened by the rise of the Shadowborn, a malevolent force that seeks to plunge Andoria into darkness.

Players take on the role of a group of unlikely heroes who must band together to defeat the Shadowborn and save the world. The cast of characters is diverse and engaging, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. There’s Erec, a brave and noble human knight; Faelan, a cunning and agile elf archer; and Gundula, a fierce and loyal dwarf warrior.


As a TRPG, Dawn of Heroes features turn-based combat on grid-based maps. Players must carefully position their characters and use their unique abilities to defeat their enemies. The game offers a wide range of character classes and skills, allowing for a variety of strategic options.

In addition to combat, Dawn of Heroes also features a variety of quests and puzzles. Players must explore the world, interact with NPCs, and solve puzzles in order to progress the story. The game’s puzzles are well-designed and often require creative thinking to solve.

Humor and Charm

One of the things that sets Dawn of Heroes apart from other TRPGs is its humor and charm. The game’s dialogue is witty and often laugh-out-loud funny. The characters are also very expressive and likeable, which helps to create a strong sense of camaraderie and investment in their journey.

The game’s world is also full of quirky and humorous details. For example, one of the early quests involves helping a group of dwarves find their lost pet pig. The pig, named Priscilla, is actually a giant war pig that has been terrorizing the local countryside.

Critical Reception

Dawn of Heroes was met with critical acclaim upon its release. Reviewers praised the game’s engaging story, charming characters, and innovative combat system. The game also received several awards, including the Best RPG award from IGN.


Dawn of Heroes is considered to be one of the best TRPGs of its generation. The game’s success helped to revive interest in the genre and paved the way for a new wave of TRPGs.


Dawn of Heroes is a triumphant return to classic RPGs. The game’s engaging story, charming characters, innovative combat system, and humor make it a must-play for fans of the genre. Whether you’re a seasoned TRPG veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Dawn of Heroes is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

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