Day of Infamy (2017)

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Day of Infamy: A Tactical Masterpiece Set in the Trenches of WWII


Day of Infamy is a critically acclaimed tactical first-person shooter game developed by New World Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. Released in 2017, it is the standalone sequel to Insurgency, another successful FPS title from the same developers. Day of Infamy transports players to the battlefields of World War II, offering a gritty and realistic portrayal of close-quarters combat in a variety of multiplayer and cooperative scenarios.


At its core, Day of Infamy is a team-based shooter that emphasizes teamwork, communication, and strategic decision-making. Players are divided into two teams, the Allies and the Axis, and must work together to complete objectives such as capturing control points, planting bombs, or escorting VIPs.

The game features a wide range of authentic World War II weapons, vehicles, and equipment, which players can use to customize their loadouts. Each weapon has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and players must carefully consider their choices based on the map and game mode they are playing.

Day of Infamy’s maps are designed to be both realistic and challenging, with a focus on close-quarters combat. Players must use cover, flank their enemies, and communicate effectively in order to succeed. The game’s AI is also highly intelligent, and players will need to be constantly aware of their surroundings to avoid being flanked or ambushed.

Game Modes

Day of Infamy features a variety of game modes, each with its own unique objectives and challenges. The main game mode is Offensive, in which one team attacks and the other defends a series of objectives. Other game modes include:

  • Domination: Two teams compete to capture and hold control points.
  • Bomb: One team plants bombs while the other team tries to defuse them.
  • Escort: One team escorts a VIP to a safe zone while the other team tries to stop them.
  • Firefight: A deathmatch mode with no respawns.


Day of Infamy is set in the European and Pacific theaters of World War II. The game features a variety of maps based on real-world locations, such as the beaches of Normandy, the streets of Stalingrad, and the jungles of Guadalcanal.

The game’s visuals are stunning, with detailed environments and realistic character models. The sound design is also top-notch, with immersive sound effects and voice acting.


Day of Infamy was met with critical acclaim upon its release. Critics praised the game’s realistic and immersive gameplay, its attention to detail, and its focus on teamwork. The game was also a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies worldwide.


Day of Infamy is a must-play for fans of tactical shooters and World War II history. The game’s realistic gameplay, immersive setting, and focus on teamwork make it one of the most intense and rewarding shooters available. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Day of Infamy is sure to provide you with hours of thrilling and challenging gameplay.

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