Deep Black (2012)

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Deep Black (2012) is an action game that marries terrestrial and underwater combat in a future world of espionage and global conflict. Despite mixed reviews, its innovative gameplay and sci-fi narrative make it a noteworthy title in the third-person shooter genre.


In the world of video games, Deep Black (2012) stands out as a significant contribution to the third-person shooter genre. Offering a unique blend of terrestrial and underwater combat, the game sets a new benchmark for action-packed gameplay.


“Deep Black”, a video game developed by Biart and published by 505 Games, takes players into a near future filled with chaos, espionage, terrorism, and a desperate fight for world supremacy. The game, initially entitled U-WARS and Underwater Wars, was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in 2012.

The plot of Deep Black is set in an unsteady world where bio-terrorists plan to deploy a deadly bio-virus through the world’s water supply. The player assumes the role of Pierce, a Special Ops soldier equipped with a high-tech government suit that allows him to freely roam underwater environments. Pierce is humanity’s only hope to thwart the terrorists’ deadly plans.

Most of the action in Deep Black takes place underwater, with players navigating the depths using specialized underwater jet packs with integrated harpoons, mini submersibles, and other high-tech equipment. The game’s unique setting and mechanics set it apart from other third-person shooters, offering a fresh take on the genre.

The underwater environment is not just a backdrop but a crucial part of the gameplay. Pierce can rotate 360 degrees in all directions and never runs out of breath thanks to his suit. To make underwater navigation easier, Pierce is equipped with a jet pack that propels him to where he needs to go.

The player has access to high-tech equipment such as the harpoon, which is essential for taking out enemies and solving puzzles. Most of these puzzles consist of raising water levels or opening doors. The harpoon can also be used to hack panels that are out of reach and even control some of the smaller mech enemies, turning them against their allies.

Weapons are an integral part of Deep Black. Players have access to an assault rifle, a pistol, and a shotgun, all of which can be used underwater. The game provides an over-the-shoulder zoom when aiming, adding to the immersive experience.

There are also sequences in the game where players will be fighting on land. For these sequences, the game allows players to take cover behind objects and perform stealth takedowns. This variety in gameplay keeps the action fresh and engaging.

Despite its innovative gameplay and intriguing plot, Deep Black received a “generally unfavorable” rating from Metacritic. Critics pointed out poor animations and story, while praising the underwater control mechanics. Writing for Official Xbox Magazine, Andrew Hayward criticized the “obnoxiously tacky dialogue” and referred to the game as a “joyless, grace-free slog dominated by repetitive stop-and-pop shootouts, lifeless linear environments, and inconsistent weapon physics.”

“Deep Black” offers a unique gaming experience with its underwater setting and gameplay mechanics. Despite its shortcomings, it provides a glimpse into a possible future where bio-terrorism is a real threat, and the world’s water supply could be the key to world supremacy. It’s a dive into a deep, dark future that’s worth exploring.


The game features a cast of characters embroiled in the world of espionage and global conflict, including elite soldiers equipped with futuristic underwater gear and adversaries leveraging advanced bio-technological weapons.


Deep Black’s gameplay is characterized by its dual-environment combat system, allowing players to engage in battles both on land and underwater. The game features 40 single-player missions across four distinct environments, emphasizing the strategic use of both terrestrial and aquatic tactics. Realistic physical effects in underwater settings demand players to master a new set of combat skills, utilizing high-tech equipment such as jet-pack suits and integrated harpoons.


Deep Black (2012) represents a bold attempt to innovate within the third-person shooter genre. While it impresses with its underwater combat and ambitious concept, the game’s execution and narrative coherence have room for improvement. Nonetheless, it offers a unique and engaging experience for fans of action-adventure and sci-fi games.

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