Disney’s Treasure Planet (2002)

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Disney’s Treasure Planet (2002)


Disney’s Treasure Planet is an action-adventure game developed by Disney Interactive and released for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox in 2002. The game is based on the 2002 Disney animated film of the same name, which is in turn based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island.


Treasure Planet is a third-person action-adventure game in which the player controls Jim Hawkins, a young boy who dreams of becoming a space pirate. Jim is joined by a colorful cast of characters, including the cyborg pirate captain John Silver, the shape-shifting alien Morph, and the beautiful space princess Amelia.

The game features a variety of gameplay elements, including exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving. Jim can use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies, including a blaster, a sword, and a grappling hook. He can also use his wits to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.


Treasure Planet is set in a futuristic version of the Treasure Island universe. The game’s world is a vast and dangerous place, filled with space pirates, aliens, and other hazards. Jim and his companions must travel across this treacherous landscape in search of the legendary Treasure Planet.


  • Jim Hawkins: A young boy who dreams of becoming a space pirate. Jim is a brave and resourceful boy, but he is also naive and impulsive.
  • Captain John Silver: A cyborg pirate captain who is Jim’s mentor and guide. Silver is a complex and enigmatic character, who is both ruthless and compassionate.
  • Morph: A shape-shifting alien who is Jim’s best friend. Morph is a loyal and supportive friend, but he can also be mischievous and unpredictable.
  • Amelia: A beautiful space princess who is Jim’s love interest. Amelia is a kind and caring person, but she is also strong and independent.


The story of Treasure Planet follows Jim Hawkins as he joins a crew of space pirates led by Captain John Silver in search of the legendary Treasure Planet. Along the way, Jim must face danger, betrayal, and his own inner demons.


Treasure Planet received generally positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its graphics, gameplay, and story. However, some critics found the game to be too short and easy.


Treasure Planet is a beloved classic of the Disney video game library. The game’s unique blend of action, adventure, and humor has made it a favorite of fans of all ages.


Disney’s Treasure Planet is a fun and exciting action-adventure game that is perfect for fans of the film or the classic novel. With its stunning graphics, great voice acting, and a fun and engaging story, Treasure Planet is a must-play for fans of adventure games of all ages.

Additional Information

  • Developer: Disney Interactive
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive
  • Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
  • Release Date: November 12, 2002
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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