Dolphin Blue (2003)

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Dolphin Blue: A Nostalgic Dive into Underwater Adventure

Embark on an extraordinary journey beneath the shimmering waves to the year 2003, where the captivating game Dolphin Blue gracefully emerged from the depths of gaming history. This side-scrolling shoot-’em-up masterpiece invites players to dive into a vibrant underwater world filled with thrilling challenges and captivating narratives.

A Tale of Two Heroes

In Dolphin Blue, players assume the role of either Ann, a valiant royal army soldier sworn to protect the kingdom, or Erio, an audacious arms dealer with an unquenchable thirst for action. As these unlikely heroes, you embark on a mission to safeguard the remnants of Earth from the clutches of a nefarious evil empire.

A World Transformed

Dolphin Blue unfolds in a hauntingly beautiful world that has been ravaged by an enigmatic cataclysm. Once a flourishing nation, the land has been reduced to a desolate wasteland, its surface submerged beneath a vast ocean. Amidst the ruins, the remnants of civilization struggle to survive, while the evil empire lurks in the shadows, plotting to seize control.

Gameplay That Captivates

Dolphin Blue captivates with its exhilarating side-scrolling shoot-’em-up gameplay. Players navigate their chosen hero through a series of underwater stages, battling hordes of menacing enemies and dodging intricate obstacles. The controls are incredibly responsive, allowing for precise movements and devastating attacks.

Each stage presents a unique challenge, from treacherous underwater caverns to open-water battles against colossal sea creatures. The game’s difficulty gradually ramps up, demanding quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and an unwavering determination.

Visuals That Enchant

Dolphin Blue is a visual spectacle, boasting vibrant and detailed graphics that bring the underwater world to life. The character designs are distinct and memorable, while the backgrounds are teeming with intricate details and stunning underwater effects.

From the shimmering coral reefs to the shadowy depths of the ocean floor, every scene is a feast for the eyes. The game’s vibrant color palette and smooth animations create a truly immersive experience that draws players into its watery embrace.

Sound That Stirs the Soul

Complementing the stunning visuals is an equally impressive soundscape. Dolphin Blue’s soundtrack is a mesmerizing blend of electronic and orchestral music that perfectly captures the game’s atmosphere. The sound effects are equally impressive, from the whoosh of torpedoes to the thunderous explosions of enemy ships.

The game’s audio design creates a sense of tension and excitement that keeps players engaged throughout their underwater adventure.

Legacy and Impact

Dolphin Blue was a critical and commercial success upon its release in 2003. It was praised for its innovative gameplay, stunning visuals, and captivating soundtrack. The game quickly gained a loyal following among fans of side-scrolling shooters and retro gaming enthusiasts.

Dolphin Blue’s legacy extends beyond its initial release. It has been included in numerous retro game compilations and is still fondly remembered by gamers today. The game’s unique blend of action, adventure, and nostalgia continues to captivate new audiences, ensuring that Dolphin Blue remains a timeless classic in the gaming pantheon.


Dolphin Blue is a true gem of the side-scrolling shoot-’em-up genre. Its captivating gameplay, stunning visuals, and immersive soundscape transport players to a breathtaking underwater world filled with thrilling challenges and unforgettable moments.

Whether you’re a seasoned retro gaming aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, Dolphin Blue is an essential experience that will leave you yearning for more. Dive into the depths and rediscover the timeless charm of this underwater masterpiece.

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