Dragonstomper (1982)

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Dragonstomper (1982): A Pioneering Fantasy Adventure

Released in 1982, Dragonstomper was a groundbreaking fantasy adventure game that set new standards for the genre. Developed by Gargoyle Games and published by Mastertronic, it was one of the first games to feature detailed fantasy landscapes, multiple chapters, and immersive full-screen interiors.


Dragonstomper takes place in a vibrant fantasy world filled with lush forests, treacherous mountains, and mysterious caves. Players control a brave knight on a quest to defeat the evil dragon that terrorizes the land. Along the way, they must battle a variety of monsters, solve puzzles, and collect items that will aid them in their journey.

One of the most innovative aspects of Dragonstomper was its use of the Multi Load system. This allowed the game to be divided into three separate chapters, each with its own unique setting and challenges. Players could load and unload chapters as needed, making it easy to pick up and play the game in short bursts.

Another notable feature of Dragonstomper was its immersive full-screen interiors. When players entered a shop, cave, or hospital, they were treated to a detailed and atmospheric scene that added to the game’s sense of realism. This was a major departure from the text-based interiors of previous adventure games.

Graphics and Sound

For its time, Dragonstomper’s graphics were impressive. The game’s landscapes were colorful and detailed, with a variety of different environments to explore. The character sprites were also well-drawn and expressive.

The game’s sound was equally impressive. The title screen music is particularly memorable, and the in-game sound effects are effective and atmospheric.

Critical Reception

Dragonstomper was a critical and commercial success upon its release. Reviewers praised the game’s innovative gameplay, detailed graphics, and immersive sound. It was also a hit with players, who enjoyed the game’s challenging gameplay and sense of adventure.

Dragonstomper has been cited as an influence on many later fantasy adventure games, including the Ultima series and The Legend of Zelda. It is considered a classic of the genre and is still enjoyed by retro gaming enthusiasts today.


Dragonstomper was one of the most important fantasy adventure games of the early 1980s. It helped to define the genre and set new standards for graphics, gameplay, and immersion. The game’s influence can still be seen in many modern fantasy RPGs.

Tips for Playing Dragonstomper

  • Talk to everyone you meet. Villagers and other characters can provide valuable information and clues.
  • Explore every nook and cranny. There are many hidden items and secrets to be found.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are multiple ways to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.
  • Save your game often. Dragonstomper is a challenging game, and you don’t want to lose your progress if you die.


Dragonstomper is a classic fantasy adventure game that still holds up today. Its innovative gameplay, detailed graphics, and immersive sound make it a must-play for fans of the genre. Whether you’re a retro gaming enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Dragonstomper, you’re sure to enjoy this timeless classic.

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