Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends (2003)

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Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends: A Legendary Expansion

Released in 2003, Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends is an expanded and enhanced version of the popular Dynasty Warriors 4. Developed by Omega Force and published by Koei, Xtreme Legends takes the already impressive foundation of DW4 and adds a wealth of new content and gameplay features that make it a must-have for fans of the series.

Expanded Character Roster and Abilities

One of the most significant additions in Xtreme Legends is the expanded character roster. The original DW4 featured 40 playable characters, while Xtreme Legends boasts a whopping 42 characters, including fan favorites like Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, and Diao Chan. Each character has their own unique fighting style, weapons, and special abilities, ensuring a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

In addition to the expanded roster, Xtreme Legends also introduces new abilities for each character. These abilities, known as “EX Attacks,” add an extra layer of depth and strategy to combat. EX Attacks can be activated by pressing the R1 button and the corresponding face button, and they unleash powerful attacks or buffs that can turn the tide of battle.

New Gameplay Modes

Xtreme Legends also introduces several new gameplay modes that offer a variety of challenges and experiences. These modes include:

  • Xtreme Mode: This mode generates random skirmishes that become increasingly difficult as you progress. Players must strategically deploy their troops and utilize their characters’ abilities to overcome waves of enemies and complete objectives.
  • Legends Mode: This mode allows players to experience the exploits of all the warriors in the game. Players choose a character and follow their story through a series of battles and cutscenes. Legends Mode provides a deeper insight into the characters’ backgrounds and motivations.
  • Arena Challenge: This mode pits players against increasingly difficult opponents in endurance-style duels. Players must carefully manage their health and abilities to survive and emerge victorious.

Disc Swap Feature

One of the unique features of Xtreme Legends is its disc swap functionality. Players can insert the Xtreme Legends disc into their PlayStation 2 while playing the original Dynasty Warriors 4, which unlocks additional content and features in the base game. This includes new characters, weapons, and stages, making it a great way to extend the longevity of both games.

Graphics and Presentation

Visually, Xtreme Legends is an improvement over Dynasty Warriors 4, with more detailed character models, environments, and special effects. The game runs smoothly and maintains a consistent frame rate, even during the most chaotic battles. The soundtrack is also excellent, with a mix of traditional Chinese instruments and modern rock music that perfectly captures the game’s epic atmosphere.


Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends is a worthy expansion to an already excellent game. With its expanded character roster, new abilities, gameplay modes, and disc swap feature, Xtreme Legends offers a wealth of content and replayability for fans of the series. Whether you’re a seasoned Dynasty Warriors veteran or a newcomer to the franchise, Xtreme Legends is a must-play that will provide hours of thrilling and epic action.

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