EarthBound Beginnings (2015)

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EarthBound Beginnings: A Nostalgic Adventure Worth Revisiting

Originally released in Japan in 1989 as Mother, EarthBound Beginnings is the charming and quirky first installment in the beloved EarthBound/Mother series. Developed by Ape Inc., Nintendo Tokyo R&D Products, and Pax Softnica, and published by Nintendo for the Famicom, the game gained a cult following despite its limited release outside of Japan.

A Long-Awaited English Localization

EarthBound Beginnings was initially slated for a North American release in 1990 under the name EarthBound. However, Nintendo of America ultimately canceled the localization due to ending support for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Despite this setback, the English translation and various updates made for the planned release were later included in the Japanese Mother 1+2 rerelease for Game Boy Advance in 2003.

Finally, in 2015, EarthBound Beginnings was officially released in English for the Wii U Virtual Console, marking the culmination of a 25-year wait for fans outside of Japan. This release allowed a new generation of gamers to experience the origins of the EarthBound series and appreciate its unique blend of humor, heart, and adventure.

Gameplay: A Classic RPG with a Twist

EarthBound Beginnings is a classic turn-based RPG with a top-down perspective and pixelated graphics. Players control a group of children, Ninten, Ana, Loid, and Teddy, as they traverse a whimsical and dangerous world to defeat an evil alien force known as Giygas.

The game features a unique PSI (Psychic Sensitivity Index) system, which allows characters to use powerful psychic abilities in battle. These abilities range from offensive spells like PK Fire and PK Freeze to healing and support spells like Lifeup and Teleport.

Characters: A Quirky and Endearing Cast

One of the most endearing aspects of EarthBound Beginnings is its cast of characters. Ninten, the protagonist, is a kind-hearted and courageous boy who is destined to save the world. Ana is a psychic girl who joins Ninten on his quest and provides healing support. Loid is a mischievous and energetic thief who adds a touch of humor to the group. Teddy is a talking teddy bear who serves as Ninten’s loyal companion.

Throughout their journey, the children encounter a variety of quirky and memorable NPCs, including a talking dog, a telepathic frog, and a wise old man who provides guidance and assistance. These characters add depth and charm to the game’s world and make the adventure all the more engaging.

Story: A Nostalgic Tale of Good vs. Evil

EarthBound Beginnings tells a simple yet compelling story of good versus evil. The children must travel across the world, collecting eight melodies to awaken the power of the Starman and defeat Giygas, an evil alien who threatens to destroy the planet.

Along the way, they face numerous challenges and obstacles, but their determination and the bonds they form with each other help them overcome adversity and ultimately save the day. The game’s story is filled with humor, heart, and a sense of nostalgia that resonates with players of all ages.

Legacy: A Cult Classic with Enduring Appeal

Despite its limited release outside of Japan, EarthBound Beginnings has gained a cult following over the years. Its unique blend of humor, heart, and adventure has captivated fans around the world, and it is considered one of the most beloved and influential RPGs of its era.

The game’s quirky characters, engaging story, and innovative gameplay mechanics have stood the test of time, and it continues to be enjoyed by both retro gaming enthusiasts and newcomers to the EarthBound series. EarthBound Beginnings is a testament to the enduring power of classic video games and the timeless appeal of a well-crafted adventure.


EarthBound Beginnings is a nostalgic and charming RPG that is well worth revisiting. Its quirky characters, engaging story, and innovative gameplay mechanics have made it a cult classic with enduring appeal. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the EarthBound series or a newcomer to the franchise, EarthBound Beginnings is an adventure that will surely capture your heart and leave you with a smile on your face.

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