Edge of Nowhere (2016)

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Edge of Nowhere: A VR Adventure into the Depths of Madness

From the acclaimed independent developer Insomniac Games comes Edge of Nowhere, a VR third-person action-adventure that takes you on a perilous journey to the far reaches of the Antarctic mountains. Embark on a mission to rescue a missing expedition team, but be prepared for a descent into a surreal and hostile world that will test your wits and sanity.

A Surreal and Unforgiving Antarctic Wilderness

Edge of Nowhere immerses you in a breathtaking and unforgiving Antarctic landscape. Towering mountains, icy caverns, and desolate plains create a hauntingly beautiful backdrop for your adventure. But beneath this icy veneer lurks a surreal and otherworldly dimension, where reality warps and strange creatures roam.

As you venture deeper into the unknown, the environment becomes increasingly hostile. The frigid cold bites at your skin, and the howling wind threatens to carry you away. Icy chasms and treacherous crevasses demand your utmost attention, lest you succumb to the unforgiving wilderness.

A Descent into Madness

Your mission to rescue the missing expedition team takes a sinister turn as you uncover a dark secret lurking beneath the Antarctic ice. Strange and inexplicable phenomena begin to occur, challenging your perception of reality. Visions, hallucinations, and auditory distortions blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not.

As you progress, the psychological toll of your journey becomes increasingly evident. Isolation, fear, and the constant threat of danger gnaw at your sanity. The once-familiar world transforms into a labyrinth of doubt and paranoia, where even your own mind becomes your enemy.

Survival and Combat in a Hostile Environment

To survive the treacherous Antarctic wilderness and the surreal horrors that await you, you must rely on your wits and resourcefulness. Scavenge for supplies, craft makeshift weapons, and use the environment to your advantage. The game’s unique VR mechanics allow you to interact with the world in immersive and intuitive ways.

Combat in Edge of Nowhere is intense and unforgiving. Strange creatures and otherworldly beings will challenge your skills and test your limits. Use your weapons wisely, adapt to different enemy types, and master the art of survival in a hostile and unforgiving environment.

A Test of Courage, Sanity, and the Human Spirit

Edge of Nowhere is more than just a VR action-adventure; it’s a psychological thriller that explores the depths of human courage, sanity, and resilience. As you navigate the surreal and hostile Antarctic wilderness, you’ll be pushed to your limits and forced to confront your own fears and inner demons.

The game’s immersive VR experience heightens the sense of isolation, danger, and madness. You’ll feel the icy wind on your face, the weight of the mountains on your shoulders, and the creeping dread that consumes your mind. Edge of Nowhere is a truly immersive and unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after you’ve completed your journey.


Edge of Nowhere is a masterpiece of VR storytelling and gameplay. It’s a thrilling adventure that takes you to the edge of the world and the depths of madness. With its stunning visuals, immersive VR experience, and thought-provoking narrative, Edge of Nowhere is a must-play for anyone who enjoys VR, action-adventure games, or psychological thrillers. Prepare yourself for a journey that will challenge your courage, test your sanity, and leave an unforgettable mark on your gaming experience.

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