Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado (2015)

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Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado – A Golden Age of Exploration


Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado is the fifth expansion to the critically acclaimed grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV. Released in 2015, El Dorado brings to life the Age of Exploration, a period of great conquests, discoveries, and religious upheaval. This expansion focuses on Central and South America, adding new religions, theaters of exploration, and a powerful new tool: the Nation Designer.

Nation Designer

One of the most significant features of El Dorado is the Nation Designer. This tool allows players to create their own custom nations, complete with unique ideas, traditions, and starting conditions. This opens up a vast array of possibilities for alternate history scenarios and role-playing campaigns.

For example, you could create a nation representing the Aztec Empire at its height, with powerful military traditions and a focus on human sacrifice. Or you could create a European nation with a unique colonial strategy, such as a Dutch republic focused on trade and naval dominance. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Exploration and Discovery

El Dorado also expands the exploration and discovery mechanics in Europa Universalis IV. The new theaters of exploration in Central and South America are filled with uncharted territories, lost cities, and rumors of unimaginable wealth. Players will need to carefully manage their explorers and conquistadors to reap the rewards of these new lands.

In addition, El Dorado introduces new religions to the game, such as Nahuatl and Inca. These religions have their own unique beliefs and mechanics, adding further depth and complexity to the religious landscape of the game.

Conquest and Empire Building

Of course, Europa Universalis IV is still a game about conquest and empire building. El Dorado provides new opportunities for players to expand their empires and dominate the world. The new theaters of exploration offer vast new territories to conquer, and the Nation Designer allows players to create nations that are perfectly suited for conquest.

Whether you play as a European power seeking to establish a global empire, or a native American nation fighting for independence, El Dorado provides the tools and challenges to create your own unique and memorable gaming experience.

Key Features

  • Nation Designer: Create your own custom nations with unique ideas, traditions, and starting conditions.
  • Exploration and Discovery: Explore the uncharted territories of Central and South America, uncover lost cities, and encounter new cultures.
  • New Religions: Play as Nahuatl, Inca, or other new religions, each with their own unique beliefs and mechanics.
  • Conquest and Empire Building: Expand your empire through conquest and diplomacy, and become the dominant power in the Age of Exploration.
  • Historical Immersion: Experience the Age of Exploration in all its glory, with historical events, characters, and challenges.


Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado is a major expansion that adds a wealth of new content and features to the base game. The Nation Designer, exploration and discovery mechanics, new religions, and conquest opportunities all combine to create a truly immersive and engaging grand strategy experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Europa Universalis IV player or a newcomer to the series, El Dorado is sure to provide hours of enjoyment and challenge.

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