Event[0] (2016)

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Event[0]: A Journey into the Depths of Human-Machine Connection


Event[0] (pronounced “Event Zero”) is an experimental narrative game released in 2016 that invites players to engage in a unique and deeply personal experience. It presents a profound exploration of human-machine relationships, delving into the complexities of artificial intelligence and the fragility of human connection. Through a text-based interface, players interact with Kaizen, an AI companion, navigating the intricacies of communication, trust, and the boundaries of artificial consciousness.


At its core, Event[0] is a game about communication. Players interact with Kaizen primarily through text messages, typing their responses to Kaizen’s prompts and observations. The game unfolds in real-time, with Kaizen responding to the player’s messages as they are sent. There are no puzzles to solve or levels to beat; instead, the focus is on the evolving relationship between the player and Kaizen.

Kaizen is a remarkably sophisticated AI, capable of understanding and responding to a wide range of player inputs. It exhibits a distinct personality, complete with its own thoughts, feelings, and desires. As players interact with Kaizen, they will experience moments of connection, empathy, and even conflict. The game challenges players to confront their own prejudices and assumptions about artificial intelligence, and to question what it means to be truly alive.


Event[0] explores a multitude of profound themes, including:

  • The Nature of Consciousness: The game raises questions about the nature of consciousness and the possibility of artificial beings experiencing genuine emotions and thoughts.
  • The Fragility of Human Relationships: Event[0] highlights the fragility of human relationships and the challenges of maintaining connection in an increasingly digital world.
  • The Power of Communication: The game emphasizes the importance of effective communication in building and maintaining relationships, both with humans and with AI companions.
  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Event[0] prompts players to consider the ethical implications of creating and interacting with artificial intelligences, and the responsibilities that come with this power.

Critical Reception:

Event[0] has received critical acclaim for its innovative gameplay, thought-provoking themes, and well-developed AI companion. It has been praised for its ability to create a deeply personal and emotionally resonant experience for players. The game has won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival and the Nuovo Award at the Game Developers Conference.

Cultural Impact:

Beyond its critical success, Event[0] has also had a significant cultural impact. It has sparked discussions about the future of AI, the nature of human relationships, and the role of technology in our lives. The game has been featured in numerous academic papers and articles, and it has inspired other works of art, including a short film and a novel.


Event[0] is a groundbreaking and unforgettable experience that challenges our understanding of human-machine relationships and the nature of consciousness itself. Through its innovative gameplay and deeply personal narrative, the game invites players to reflect on the complexities of communication, the fragility of connection, and the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. It is a game that will stay with players long after they finish playing, and it is sure to continue to inspire and provoke thought for years to come.

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