EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark (2000)

by Christopher
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A landmark expansion that broadened the horizons of EverQuest with new lands, stories, and challenges, marking a significant chapter in MMORPG history.


EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark, released in 2000, is the first expansion for the iconic MMORPG, introducing players to the uncharted continent of Kunark and the Iksar race.


This expansion unfolds the mysteries of Kunark, teeming with new quests, monsters, and treasures. Players can explore vast zones like the Field of Bone, Warsliks Woods, and the Emerald Jungle.


The Iksar, a new playable race with unique abilities, are central to the expansion’s narrative, offering both new and veteran players fresh gameplay experiences.


With an increased level cap, new zones, and the introduction of epic quests for each class, the gameplay is significantly expanded, providing a richer and more challenging environment.


The Ruins of Kunark is a monumental expansion that enriches the EverQuest universe, offering players an expansive new world filled with danger, discovery, and adventure.

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