F-22 Air Dominance Fighter (1997)

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F-22 Air Dominance Fighter combines cutting-edge simulation technology with detailed research to deliver an immersive flight combat experience. Despite facing criticism for certain aspects, it is celebrated for its contribution to the flight simulator genre.


F-22 Air Dominance Fighter, released in 1997, is a combat flight simulator that allows players to pilot the F-22 Raptor, engaging in detailed and realistic air combat missions.


Set over the Middle East, players fly the F-22 in a series of sorties, navigating through deep deserts and lush valleys to achieve air dominance. The game features three full tours of duty with eight consecutive missions, challenging players with diverse operational tactics.


Players take on the role of F-22 pilots, commanding a squadron of the world’s most advanced fighter jets. While the game focuses on the aircraft, players also indirectly engage with allied forces and enemy combatants through the mission briefings and radio communications.


Gameplay involves a variety of missions, including takeoffs, landings, mid-air refueling, and air-to-air combat. Players can experience the game’s realism through its detailed flight model, avionics, and weapon systems, along with the strategic use of stealth via EMCON levels.

Reception and Critiscism

F-22 Air Dominance Fighter was praised for its realism and depth, but criticized for its audio quality, repetitive missions, and lack of mission customization. Despite these issues, it remains a respected title among flight simulator enthusiasts.


F-22 Air Dominance Fighter stands as a testament to the complexities and thrills of air combat simulation. While it showcases the technological marvel that is the F-22 Raptor, it also highlights areas for improvement in user engagement and gameplay variety.

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