F1 2012 (2012)

by Christopher
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F1 2012 enriches the F1 gaming landscape with its detailed representation of the 2012 racing season, offering fans and newcomers alike a deep dive into the world of Formula 1.


F1 2012 brought Formula 1 enthusiasts a closer look at the thrilling world of F1 racing, introducing innovative modes to enhance the gaming experience.


The game features a new mode called “Young Driver Test”, which is a tutorial and training mode set at the Yas Marina Circuit, where players learn how to drive a Formula One car by completing a series of tests. This mode is designed to introduce new players to the handling characteristics of Formula One cars as they are given instruction by various Formula One drivers.

The game also features a “Season Challenge” mode. In this mode, players start as a member of a lower-rated team and must challenge rival drivers from other teams to improve their standing. If the player beats their rival, they take their place in their team and the player’s old team takes their old rival.

The “Career” mode is a full five-season career where the player starts with a lower-rated team and attempts to work their way up the grid. The “Champions Mode” allows players to take on each of the six champions in turn, starting with Kimi Räikkönen and culminating with a final challenge against Sebastian Vettel.

The game also includes a “Proving Grounds” mode, where players can take on time trial challenges and compare their scores with others. The “Time Attack” mode is a simple race against the clock, and the “Time Trial” mode allows players to set their best time over a single lap.


The six World Champions of the 2012 season, including legends like Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, alongside other drivers of the season.


Incorporates a realistic racing simulation with new modes like One-Shot Qualifying and Season Challenge, offering a diverse and engaging experience.


F1 2012 stands as a testament to Codemasters’ ability to produce a compelling and realistic Formula 1 simulator, balancing complexity with accessibility.

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