FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play (2008)

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FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play: The Wii’s Football Frenzy

Prepare to lace up your virtual boots and step onto the Wii pitch with FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play, the Wii-exclusive installment in EA’s beloved football franchise. Released in 2008, this title brings the excitement of the beautiful game to life with innovative controls, unique game modes, and a host of licensed teams and players.

All-Play: Football for Everyone

FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play lives up to its name with its groundbreaking All-Play control scheme. Designed for accessibility, this mode allows even the most inexperienced gamers to jump into the action and enjoy the thrill of football. The CPU handles player movement, while you focus on timing your button presses and performing gestures with the Wii Remote. It’s a perfect way for newcomers to get a taste of the game or for seasoned veterans to relax and have some casual fun.

Footii Mode: Miis Take to the Pitch

One of the most distinctive features of FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play is its Footii Mode. This mode shrinks the pitch, reduces the number of players to eight per team, and gives them the adorable appearance of Wii Miis. With Mii versions of football superstars like Ronaldinho and Rooney leading the charge, Footii Mode offers a lighthearted and comical take on the beautiful game.

Table Football: A Top-Down Twist

If you’re looking for a change of pace, FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play also includes a table football mode. Played from a top-down perspective, this mode captures the frantic energy and unpredictable nature of the real-life tabletop game. With 13 characters per team and special balls like the invisible ball and rocket-ball, table football adds an extra layer of excitement to the FIFA experience.

Boot It: Shooting Frenzy

Put your shooting skills to the test in Boot It, a fast-paced shooting frenzy. Take control of a shooter or goalkeeper and engage in a rapid-fire exchange of shots. With multiple levels and challenging opponents, Boot It is a great way to hone your accuracy and reaction time.

Traditional Controls: For the Purists

While All-Play mode caters to newcomers, FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play also offers traditional controls for those who prefer a more authentic football experience. Plug in your GameCube Controller or Classic Controller and enjoy the full range of controls and tactics that the FIFA series is known for.

Manager Mode: Wii-Specific Interface

Manage your favorite team to glory in Manager Mode, which features a Wii-specific interface designed for ease of use. Make tactical decisions, sign players, and guide your team to the top of the league.

500 Licensed Teams: Build Your Dream Squad

FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play boasts an impressive roster of over 500 licensed teams from around the world. Build your dream squad by signing players from your favorite clubs and countries. With authentic kits, badges, and player likenesses, you’ll feel like you’re managing a real-life football team.

Wii-Exclusive Features

In addition to its unique game modes and controls, FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play offers a range of Wii-exclusive features that enhance the gameplay experience:

  • Wii Remote and Nunchuk support: Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk for intuitive and responsive controls.
  • Mii integration: Create your own Mii players and use them in Footii Mode and other game modes.
  • WiiConnect24: Receive updates, news, and challenges via WiiConnect24.
  • Online multiplayer: Challenge friends and players around the world in online multiplayer matches.


FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play is a fantastic addition to the FIFA franchise, offering a unique and accessible football experience for Wii owners. With its innovative controls, quirky game modes, and extensive licensing, this title is sure to entertain both casual and hardcore football fans alike. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the beautiful game, FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play is an essential title for your Wii collection.

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