Final Fantasy IV (1991)

by Christopher
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Final Fantasy IV is celebrated for its groundbreaking contributions to the RPG genre, from its engaging ATB system to its memorable storyline and characters. The Pixel Remaster is recommended for both longtime fans and newcomers alike, offering a polished experience that captures the essence of the original.


Final Fantasy IV, originally released in 1991, stands as a seminal entry in the storied Final Fantasy series, revered for its compelling narrative, deep character development, and innovative gameplay mechanics. This article delves into the essence of Final Fantasy IV, exploring its lasting legacy and the impact of its Pixel Remaster.


The game follows the dark knight Cecil as he embarks on a quest for redemption across a richly detailed world. Alongside allies like Kain, Rosa, and Rydia, Cecil confronts his past and battles the malevolent Golbez, who seeks the sacred crystals for nefarious purposes.


Final Fantasy IV boasts a diverse cast, from the conflicted protagonist Cecil to the enigmatic Golbez. Characters such as Kain the dragoon and Rydia the summoner add depth to the game’s expansive narrative.


The title introduced the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, revolutionizing RPG combat with a dynamic, time-based element. The Pixel Remaster enhances this experience with quality of life improvements, including a reorchestrated soundtrack and streamlined combat features.


Final Fantasy IV’s enduring appeal is a testament to its quality and influence. The Pixel Remaster serves both as a fitting homage and an accessible entry point for new players, ensuring the game’s legacy continues to thrive.

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