Fly’n (2012)

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Fly’n: A Whimsical Platforming Adventure That Will Keep You on Your Toes

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure in Fly’n, a vibrant and imaginative platformer that will test your skills, tickle your funny bone, and warm your heart. Embark on an epic journey as four unique characters, each possessing their own extraordinary abilities, as they band together to protect the sacred World-Trees from the clutches of a villainous hair-dryer.

A Colorful Cast of Characters

At the heart of Fly’n lies a charming cast of characters who will steal your affections with their quirky personalities and endearing camaraderie. Meet:

  • Liana: A graceful and agile acrobat who can swing from vines with ease, unraveling hidden paths and reaching dizzying heights.
  • Ben: A robust and fearless knight who charges through obstacles, smashes through walls, and wields his sword with unmatched valor.
  • Mia: A mischievous and cunning thief who can pick locks, sneak past enemies, and use her grappling hook to traverse treacherous chasms.
  • Colibri: A wise and mystical shaman who can heal his companions, manipulate objects with his mind, and soar through the air with his magical staff.

A World of Enchanting Environments

Your adventure in Fly’n will take you through a kaleidoscope of captivating environments, each brimming with its own unique challenges and secrets. From lush forests teeming with life to perilous caves riddled with traps, every level is a visual feast that will keep you captivated from start to finish.

Gameplay That’s Equal Parts Fun and Challenging

Fly’n masterfully blends platforming, puzzle-solving, and action to create a gameplay experience that is both exhilarating and rewarding. You’ll need to use your wits to overcome ingenious puzzles, your agility to navigate treacherous platforms, and your combat skills to fend off formidable enemies. The game’s difficulty curve is expertly crafted, providing a steady stream of challenges that will keep you engaged without ever becoming insurmountable.

Cooperation is Key

While Fly’n can be enjoyed as a solo adventure, it truly shines when played in cooperative mode with up to four players. Each character’s unique abilities complement each other perfectly, and working together to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles is an incredibly rewarding experience. Communication and coordination are essential, and the shared sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you finally overcome a particularly challenging section is simply unbeatable.

A Story that Warms the Heart

Beneath its whimsical exterior, Fly’n weaves a surprisingly heartwarming story about friendship, courage, and the power of unity. As you journey alongside the four Buds, you’ll witness their bonds of friendship deepen and their determination to protect the World-Trees grow stronger. The game’s narrative is filled with humor, heart, and a touch of poignancy that will resonate with players of all ages.

A Timeless Classic

Since its release in 2012, Fly’n has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal following of fans who adore its charming characters, imaginative environments, and challenging yet rewarding gameplay. It’s a timeless classic that continues to delight and entertain players of all ages, and it’s easy to see why.


If you’re looking for a platforming adventure that will challenge your mind, warm your heart, and leave a lasting impression, look no further than Fly’n. With its vibrant cast of characters, enchanting environments, innovative gameplay, and heartwarming story, Fly’n is a true gem that deserves a place in every gamer’s collection.

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