Frog Fractions (2012)

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Frog Fractions: A Hopping Good Time

Frog Fractions is a 2012 browser game developed by Twinbeard Studios, a company composed primarily of founder Jim Crawford. The game, released on October 25, 2012, has been described as a spoof of the edutainment game genre. In the game, the player begins by controlling a frog to eat bugs and defend fruit. Later on, the player may spend points on upgrades to improve their frog’s abilities. The game does not actually teach the player about fractions; the player’s score is given in fractions, but no knowledge of them is necessary to play.


Frog Fractions is a side-scrolling game in which the player controls a frog. The frog can move left and right, jump, and shoot its tongue to eat bugs and defend fruit. The player’s goal is to eat as many bugs and defend as much fruit as possible before the time runs out.

The game is divided into several levels, each with its own unique challenges. In the first level, the player must simply eat bugs and defend fruit. In later levels, the player must contend with obstacles such as spikes, lasers, and enemies.

As the player progresses through the game, they will earn points that can be used to purchase upgrades for their frog. These upgrades can improve the frog’s speed, jumping ability, and tongue range.


Frog Fractions has received generally positive reviews from critics. The game has been praised for its humor, originality, and challenging gameplay. However, some critics have found the game to be too short and repetitive.


Frog Fractions has been cited as an influence on a number of other games, including Goat Simulator and Surgeon Simulator. The game has also been featured in several articles and videos about the history of video games.


Frog Fractions is a unique and innovative game that has captured the attention of gamers and critics alike. The game’s humor, originality, and challenging gameplay have made it a popular choice for both casual and hardcore gamers.

One of the most striking things about Frog Fractions is its sense of humor. The game is full of absurdist jokes and references, which help to create a lighthearted and entertaining atmosphere. For example, in one level, the player must collect flies that are wearing tiny hats. In another level, the player must defend fruit from a giant, talking banana.

Frog Fractions is also a very original game. The game’s unique gameplay mechanics and setting help to set it apart from other games in the edutainment genre. For example, the game’s use of fractions as a scoring system is a clever and unique way to add challenge to the game.

Finally, Frog Fractions is a challenging game. The game’s levels are full of difficult obstacles and enemies, which require the player to use all of their skills to succeed. However, the game’s difficulty is never unfair, and the player is always rewarded for their progress.


Frog Fractions is a hilarious, original, and challenging game that is sure to please gamers of all ages. The game’s unique gameplay mechanics, setting, and sense of humor make it a must-play for anyone who enjoys a good video game.

Additional Information

  • Frog Fractions was developed using the Game Maker Studio engine.
  • The game’s soundtrack was composed by Jim Crawford.
  • Frog Fractions has been ported to a number of platforms, including PC, Mac, and Linux.
  • The game has been translated into several languages, including French, Spanish, and German.
  • Frog Fractions has been featured in several video game magazines and websites, including IGN, GameSpot, and Kotaku.

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