Fungus (1986)

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Fungus (1986): A Retro Gem That Will Test Your Skills


Released in 1986, Fungus is an action-adventure game that was developed and published by CRL Group for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum home computers. The game is set in a dark and dangerous cave, and the player takes on the role of a green and purple protagonist who must explore the cave, battle strange creatures, and uncover the secrets of the fungus that threatens to consume the world.


Fungus is a side-scrolling action-adventure game with a focus on exploration and puzzle-solving. The player controls the protagonist through a series of interconnected screens, each of which is filled with enemies, obstacles, and puzzles. The player must use their wits and reflexes to overcome these challenges and progress through the game.

One of the unique features of Fungus is its inventory system. The player can collect a variety of items throughout the game, including weapons, armor, and keys. These items can be used to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and progress through the game.


Fungus is set in a dark and dangerous cave. The cave is filled with strange creatures, deadly traps, and poisonous fungi. The player must navigate through this treacherous environment in order to reach the end of the game and defeat the evil fungus.


The player character in Fungus is a green and purple creature. The creature is armed with a variety of weapons, including a sword, a bow and arrow, and a boomerang. The creature must use these weapons to defeat the enemies that it encounters in the cave.


Fungus features a variety of enemies, including bats, spiders, snakes, and mushrooms. Each type of enemy has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The player must learn how to defeat each type of enemy in order to progress through the game.


Fungus also features a variety of puzzles. These puzzles range from simple to complex, and they require the player to use their wits and logic to solve them. The puzzles are an important part of the game, and they help to keep the player engaged.

Graphics and Sound

Fungus features simple but effective graphics. The game’s characters and environments are well-drawn, and the game’s colors are vibrant and eye-catching. The game’s sound effects are also well-done, and they help to create a sense of atmosphere and immersion.


Fungus was a critical and commercial success upon its release. The game was praised for its challenging gameplay, its atmospheric setting, and its innovative inventory system. Fungus is still considered to be one of the best Commodore 64 games of all time, and it is still enjoyed by retro gamers today.


Fungus is a challenging and atmospheric action-adventure game that will test your reflexes and puzzle-solving skills. Explore a dark and dangerous cave, battle strange creatures, and uncover the secrets of the fungus that threatens to consume the world. If you are a fan of retro games, then you owe it to yourself to check out Fungus.

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